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The Ziggens - Three Wise Men and Dickiedotdotdot
artworkThis is an mp3 album downloaded from the Ziggens website. Most of these songs are lifted from other Ziggens releases, plus a couple of exclusive Christmas songs. Vocals include the California surf attitude holiday wonders "All I Want For Christmas" and "Instant Christmas," plus the swirled punk rhythm rocker "She Shrunk on Her B-Day," and the lovely pop perfection of "San Clemente."
Picks: Goin' Richter, Sea Kelp, Junipero Serra, Hang On, Stranded on Clicker Island, I Hit My Head (On The Corner Of The Kitchen Cabinet), Surfin' You Say?, Surfin' Buena Park, 61.9, End Of The Summer

Track by Track Review

Goin' Richter dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

A pretty cool surf instro awaits within the little silver bumps of this track. Right from the double picked intro, it bounces right along. It is melodic, energetic, snappy, happy, and infectious. Nice job! It even has that Surf Trio edge, plus a happier more melodic dance in your pants kinda feel. Vince Meghrouni plays sax.

Sea Kelp dotdotdot
Surf Punk (Instrumental)

This is a suave instro, melodically seaworthy and fun. The rhythm track is playfully infectious, and the lead guitar issues forth a pleasant lead line, un-effected (no reverb). It's a pretty nice track, listenable, entertaining, and with the whistling middle section, it's catchy too.

Junipero Serra dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

What a marvelously rhythmic surf track. The damped surf guitar, the driving rhythm, the minor key twang, it's all too cool. This has a rolling gate to it that is unmatched for infectious power and shear coolness. The melody is atypical of surf, more an R&B groove, but the delivery is pure California reverb. They were from Detroit I believe.

Hang On dotdotdotdot
Aggro Surf (Instrumental)

Owing a lot to "Endless Summer" (Sandals), this is very nice. It's faster than it's inspiration, and features almost mariachi horns. Guitar is added by Elliott Easton. A fine summery tune, with ample edge, and infectious rhythms.

Stranded on Clicker Island dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

At first, I didn't like this much. It seemed more backtrack than song, but it has some sorta addictive quality that hooks you, and there is just enough adventure and pomp to make it stick. The Spanish double picked midsection is very nice, and could be a song in itself. Elliott Easton plays guitar.

I Hit My Head (On The Corner Of The Kitchen Cabinet) dotdotdot
Progression (Instrumental)

This is a dry-guitar, crunchy instro, more a progression than a song, and accented with start-stop percussive drama. It's big guitar fun, and actually quite infectious.

Surfin' You Say? dotdotdotdot
Aggro Surf (Instrumental)

This is a fluffy afternoon tune, breezily drifting through the palm fronds. It's funny, but it's so cool, that the "da da da" chorus even works. It has a Latin edge, and very pretty melody. This track includes Elliott Easton on string bass.

Surfin' Buena Park dotdotdotdot
Aggro Surf (Instrumental)

This is a demo version of one of the Ziggens' more bipolar songs. It opens as a reggae based floater, descending into a faster big surf guitar rage, and eventually producing a speedy glissando. The melody is catchy, partly because it's reminiscent of War's "Low Rider," and partly because it's so edgy and tight.

61.9 dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

A semi funky kind of song with a playful guitar lead and a light hearted feel. The rhythm guitar and bass work very well against the lead. Interestingly simple and unique. The "ah" chorus is either cheesy or cool, depending on your mood. There are a few borrowed moments from "Pipeline."

End Of The Summer dotdotdot
Aggro Surf (Instrumental)

Less clarity than "I Hit My Head (On The Corner Of The Kitchen Cabinet)" of guitar tone, and a lead with a fuzz melody, this is a mighty quirky and downright fun track.