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The Ziggens - Chicken Outdotdot
artworkThe Ziggens brand of pop-n-roll often meanders in places one shouldn't like, places where children play and fluff rules. Yet, there is a kind of infectiousness to their material that transcends any such self imposed limits. They are also inclined to place a few instros on their discs. An adventure for the backyard of your mind.
Picks: Mystery Lunch, Burpin' U. S. A.

Track by Track Review

Mystery Lunch dotdotdot
Punk (Instrumental)

Like that perennial favorite among military personnel (mystery meat), this is dedicated to the proposition that all lunches are created equal, but some are more equal than others, and that knowing what you're eating might be a disadvantage. The track opens with and is punctuated by rambling discussions about what to do with the "food" to make it "better." Musically, the song structure is very Toy Dolls like, with chunky fuzz and the kind of progressions they used so effectively. Nifty.

Burpin' U. S. A. dotdotdot
Punk (Instrumental)

Yikes, what lows we have stooped to... opening with a dedicated belch, this instro is a progression based slow punky grind with an "ahhh" chorus line. Without the burps, it's not very interesting. With the burps, it's just adolescent silly.