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Dweezil Zappa - Automaticdotdotdot
artworkprogressive metal with an emphasis on thick and intellectualized power. Dweezil Zappa does a very credible version of the TV Theme. It's hard to imagine why this is here amid such intellectual progressive metal material, until you recall his father's handful of surf instro productions back in his early Cucamonga days. The vocal "You're A Mean One Mister Grinch" resides amid the guitar mayhem like a strange holiday sidebar.
Picks: Fwakstension, Automatic, Hawaii Five-0, Therapy, 12 String Thing, Secret Hedges, Habanera, Les Toreadors, Schnook, Purple Guitar

Track by Track Review

Fwakstension dotdotdot
Progressive Metal (Instrumental)

Space effects and weirdness in a metallic Hawkwind intro, progressive metal guitar meandering, thick intense sound, and intellectualized rock 'n' roll. More an exercise in heavy sludge virtuosity than a musical escapade.

Automatic dotdotdot
Progressive Metal (Instrumental)

A bit of Hendrix, a touch of tweakery, and a dash of theremin meandering... not exactly melodic, but oddly magnetic. The title might suggest an autopilot sensibility, and it would be correct in that it has a robotic feel.

Hawaii Five-0 dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This is a very credible variation on the Ventures' hit cover of the TV Theme. Precise, high energy, and right on the mark. The sound is very close to the Ventures' version, with only keys replacing the horns. Nice track.

Therapy dotdotdot
Progressive Metal (Instrumental)

Evil string bending and sludgy rolling thunder. Progressive as in jazz, metal as in heavy, and monstrous as in plundering the country side. Way closer to fusion than rock, yet very interesting. The roots of this lie in seventies progressive. while the power lies in the post punk era.

12 String Thing dotdotdot
Progressive Metal (Instrumental)

Electric twelve string dissonance and tweaky note plunder, accompanied by headstrong space rock ethics a la FM ("Fasers On Stun"), and ill defined due to a meandering lack of direction.

Secret Hedges dotdotdot
Acoustic Progressive Metal (Instrumental)

Acoustic guitar delivers what might be likened to a library version of Leo Kottke, more intellect than emotion, yet with something of the Jim Thomas sense of imagery. While it sounds a bit rigid, it's also quite interesting.

Habanera dotdotdot
Progressive Metal (Instrumental)

This is a very fun variation on the Carmen theme, with an orchestral feel and a mathematical precision. It lacks the tawdry emotional tirade of the opera, replacing it with a courtly minuet or pomp and regalia.

Les Toreadors dotdotdot
Progressive Metal (Instrumental)

"Les Toreadors" is a spirited and humorous interpretation of the classical theme. The carnival sound gives it a Chumps At Oxford feel. Pretty fun!

Schnook dotdot
Progressive Metal (Instrumental)

Long lumbering thunder, metal noodling a la Ixt Addux, and eerie feedback. A million notes a minute does not translate into musical pleasure, just finger prowess.

Purple Guitar dotdotdot
Progressive Metal (Instrumental)

Solo guitar noodling, long growling thunder, sludge monster power, and post metal intellectual crunch. A non musical guitar display.