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Yawning Man - Rock Formationsdot
artworkVirtually all of this is incredibly repetitious, with only the drummer doing anything engaging. This album seems like it was pretty heavily inspired by The Mermen, though it's a lot less sophisticated and a lot more repetitious. Formed in 1987, this Palm Desert, California band didn't release anything until this 2005 LP, and it's fairly derivative.
Picks: Rock Formations, Perpetual Oyster, Stoney Lonesome, Split Tooth Thunder, Sonny Bono Memorial Freeway, Airport Boulevard, Advanced Darkness, She Scares Me, Crater Lake, Buffalo Chips

Track by Track Review

Rock Formations dotdot
Stoner Desert Rock (Instrumental)

Haunting spatial guitar plays a bit of a drony line against a relentless rhythm. Bent notes and urban themes with Jim Thomas inspired tone, "Rock Formations" seems robotic compared to its title, and perhaps would like to be a Mermen-like track, but isn't.

Perpetual Oyster dotdot
Stoner Desert Rock (Instrumental)

"Perpetual Oyster" seems to require an altered state to stay all the way through because it's very repetitious. This long track really just meanders through the same riff endlessly.

Stoney Lonesome dotdot
Stoner Desert Rock (Instrumental)

This is a slowish number with a spacy sound and deliberate melody line. For six minutes, "Stoney Lonesome" circles around just a couple of riffs. Aside from its atmospherics, it offers little.

Split Tooth Thunder dotdot
Stoner Desert Rock (Instrumental)

Verging on high energy, this track features cool drums and thumping bass, minimized by stoner repetition in the guitar line. The melody line is the sort of thing results when rock'n'roll is approached in an elitist intellectual way.

Sonny Bono Memorial Freeway dotdot
Stoner Desert Rock (Instrumental)

Another exercise in an interesting riff that just repeats too many times, "Sonny Bono Memorial Freeway" does however feature very cool drum work. All stoner, no direction.

Airport Boulevard dotdot
Stoner Desert Rock (Instrumental)

Sultry tribal drums pule and rumble while "Airport Boulevard" just meanders through an endless cycle. Not very interesting at all.

Advanced Darkness
Stoner Desert Rock (Instrumental)

"Advanced Darkness" is a lumbering number with little to show for its time in your ears. Little more than notes.

She Scares Me
Stoner Desert Rock (Instrumental)

Mid tempo, slightly spooky, and underdeveloped, never leaving its basic riff. Put another way, "She Scares Me" is boring.

Crater Lake
Stoner Desert Rock (Instrumental)

A bluesy bassline and routine drum beat move beneath a series of chords and notes of little consequence. barely a song, "Crater Lake" just goes nowhere at all.

Buffalo Chips dotdotdot
Stoner Desert Rock (Instrumental)

"Buffalo Chips" uses the same chords and long sustain as GT Stringer's "Walk The Plank." This is much more repetitious than that amazing track, but it is easily the best track on this album.