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The X-Rayons - S/Tdotdotdot
artworkWhat a pleasant surprise. This release displays high musical competency, both in the musicianship and the writing. Sophisticated, powerful, and melodic. No real surf here, but very solid rock instrumental artistry, infectious rhythms, immediate imagery, and fresh ideas.
Picks: Super Spyman, Cascade, Big Wigs, Scraps, Pin Monkey, Vitamin C, Naughty Kitty, Bodega Bay, Huevo Sonic, The Stranger, Sandstorm, Ferdinand

Track by Track Review

Super Spyman dotdotdotdot
Chunky Post Surf (Instrumental)

Wow, this is a chunky rhythmic thick and bouncy track. Extra cool damped rhythm guitar, surfish lead, and a moody traveling feel. The whammy is cool, but mostly the open road rhythm gets you going. A fine track.

Cascade dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Cool rhythmic track, with a low-E dry guitar lead playing a simple melody line that fits perfectly with the backtrack for an infectious combination. Quite nice.

Big Wigs dotdotdotdot
Chunky Post Surf (Instrumental)

Tasty feedback over a thumpy tribal rhythm track and an eclectic arrangement, with angular drive and a nasty against the grain feel. Powerful, like something from a Norse band circa 1975, but very immediate and slightly like the Flamin' Groovies, were they to be more deliberate and rhythmic in their attack.

Scraps dotdotdot
Chunky Post Surf (Instrumental)

Somewhat repetitive, chunky and rhythmic, but less melodic and interesting than the preceding.

Pin Monkey dotdotdot
Chunky Post Surf (Instrumental)

Bowling simian floating afternoon diversionary music anticipating showers over the bay. This is a really fine track, relaxing, yet immediate and commanding. It quickly takes you with it towards the horizon.

Vitamin C dotdotdot
Chunky Post Surf (Instrumental)

Slow fluid, slightly quirky, and with a very smooth semi country air. "Vitamin C" fights colds and removes unwanted hair, while providing an antibody for the blues. It's a bit choppy, but that adds to the interest.

Naughty Kitty dotdotdotdot
Chunky Post Surf (Instrumental)

Now, we're not talking Miss Kitty here, but rather the misadventures of tabby. Playful, bouncy, with an eye on roaming the streets in search of the night. The relentless bass notes hold it together, while the guitars create a sense of tribal alley meetings and backyard chases. very cool, and quite large as well.

Bodega Bay dotdotdot
Chunky Post Surf (Instrumental)

Slightly hip, a little saucy, somewhat frothy, "Bodega Bay" paints a picture of soft warm afternoons, breezy meadows, quaint towns, and yuppie picnics. Either Steve Carr or Brunson Hoole (writers) spent time in Bodega Bay, or they really got into a National Geographic piece on this Northern California area.

Huevo Sonic dotdotdotdot
Chunky Post Surf (Instrumental)

Solid, energetic, driven infectious rock instro, with a great beat, open road flow, and a crunchy attack. This just may be the highlight of the disc. It's magnetic and very fun.

The Stranger dotdotdotdot
Chunky Post Surf (Instrumental)

A hint of Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys, a touch of danger, a smattering of adventure, and a great beat combine to create a full visual of topdown adventure with someone you hardly know, but want to experience. Very good!

Sandstorm dotdotdotdot
Chunky Post Surf (Instrumental)

Big feedback slowly gives way to a relentless beat and rhythm as the track eventually enters no man's land. It's not the Johnny and the Hurricanes classic, it's something much heavier. Brutal gritty wind burn rock for open spaces, with great throbbing vibrato and a grodie glissando. Intense and very powerful.

Ferdinand dotdotdot
Chunky Post Surf (Instrumental)

Semi gentle, moody and picturesque, "Ferdinand" is both arty and real, emotional and rational. It's a slow piece, with a sense of dramatic flair, in a sensitive way that is quite honest. Very pretty, and edgie too.