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The Woggles - Fractureddotdot
artworkThe latest big crunch frat rockin' assault from the Woggles. Their edge intact, they plow through a field of angst and dreams, even covering Bobby Freeman's "C'mon And Swim." No question where the energy lies, and their long duration has lead to tight performances and grinding production. Two instros grace the disc as well.
Picks: Takamatsu Twist, The Kingdom Of Nye

Track by Track Review

Takamatsu Twist dotdotdot
Fuzz Rock (Instrumental)

Heavy thundering riff rockin' assault... powerful and grindy. Mean twangin' guitar, pummeling drums, and thud-thumpin' bass.

The Kingdom Of Nye dotdotdot
Conspiracy Surf Rock (Instrumental)

Sludge rockin' tribute to the disturbed world of Art Bell, some surf underpinnings, some space keys, some grinding frat, and lots of eerie drama. Pretty darn effective, with it's rhythmic crunch and whirling electronics. Thick and riff oriented.