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The Whodads - Bongo Festerisdotdotdot
artworkBrass flurry, bongo fury, rhythmic joy. Imagine an appearance by Santana circa 1968 with Desi Arnaz... and maybe some sense of what Liquid Liquid were about. Bongos, brass, Latin rhythms, a touch of the tropics, and lots of suave fun. This Belgian act (or are they from the Netherlands?). 12 very fun tunes, plus 4 backtracks for your next karaoke nightmare come true. No surf here, but a fine instro interlude that will fit just fine at that luau you're planning.
Picks: El Flicko, Thunderball, Undertow, Taboo, El Cumbanchero, Chaquita, Caravan, El Bajo, Sway, Mambo Mania, Bongo Festeris, Second-Line Limbo, El Flicko (playalong), Thunderball (singalong), Sway (singalong), Caravan (playalong)

Track by Track Review

El Flicko dotdotdot
Guitar Lounge (Instrumental)

A watery weirdness opens into bongos and surf 'n lounge melody. "El Flicko" is fun, like a liquid Herb Alpert with Bob Moore leanings and a 40's feel. Quite a cool track.

Thunderball dotdotdot
Guitar Lounge ()

A brassy and suave interpretation of the film score, with a smooth sound. Not very powerful, but with an ample helping of cheese.

Undertow dotdotdot
Surf Lounge ()

This is the Surf Mariachis (Lively Ones) tune, played with a saucy brass sound and vibrant rhythms. Excellent fun, off the beaten path, and original.

Taboo dotdotdot
Guitar Lounge ()

Ernesto Lecuona's "Taboo" is laid out in rich guitar, exotic bongos, and sultry sax. The guitar lines are excellent. With many version of this out there, it's nice to hear an original arrangement.

El Cumbanchero dotdotdot
Guitar Lounge ()

Exotic fifties bongos wail... The horns dispense fluid cabana thrills... quite fiery. Fit for a luau or night at the Copa.

Chaquita dotdotdot
Guitar Lounge ()

The Dave Clark Five's "Chaquita" gets a new treatment... with horn harmonies replacing the raw solo sax. It's less intense than the original, but more exotic.

Caravan dotdotdot
Guitar Lounge ()

Duke Ellington's "Caravan" is messed with in a blackboard jungle kinda theme, the way Broadway always morphs thing into only slightly recognizable forms. Fun and different.

El Bajo dotdotdot
Guitar Lounge ()

Tito Puente's "El Bajo" is flashed and brassed, with sub-Latin percussion and no shortage of tongue-in-cheek fun.

Sway dotdotdot
Guitar Lounge ()

Trumpet sauce over vanilla bongos on the verandah... yup, that sums it up. Semi soft and slightly tropical i.e. suave.

Mambo Mania dotdotdot
Guitar Lounge ()

Bert Kempfert's "Mambo Mania" sounds better than the mushy original. Brass flurry, bongo fury, rhythmic joy. A fine track.

Bongo Festeris dotdotdot
Guitar Lounge ()

The title track of the CD is a brass laden exotica splurge, rhythmic with Cuban influences and night club sound. The chorus brings early Santana into view.

Second-Line Limbo dotdotdot
Guitar Lounge ()

This is a suave arrangement of the Champs' tune also known as "Limbo Rock." Less rockin' than the Champs, it's got a Havana flair and a tropical jazz feel.

El Flicko (playalong) dotdotdot
Karaoke Lounge ()

Like the title track, this is essentially the backtrack for you to invent your own lead lines to... oddly interesting.

Thunderball (singalong) dotdotdot
Karaoke Lounge ()

Likewise, this is sans lead focus... karaoke lounge.

Sway (singalong) dotdotdot
Karaoke Lounge ()

Sway minus leads... you came to play, so get with it!

Caravan (playalong) dotdotdot
Karaoke Lounge ()

Rhythms, fashionable percussion... and you get to blow your own horn.