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The West Coast Rollers - Fifty More Milesdotdotdot
artworkSan Jose's rising rockabilly cats first album sports two fine instros, one in the Link Wray tradition, and one very surfable. More instros please!
Picks: Twang Ten Cowboy, Gato Diablo

Track by Track Review

Twang Ten Cowboy dotdotdotdot
Rockabilly Surf (Instrumental)

Long aquatic chords and twangin' guitar ride above a classic rockabilly upright bass and surf beat on the drum kit. More country than surf, yet well within the scope of things. Aside from the cool title, "Twang Ten Cowboy" is very enjoyable and inviting. A bit of the islands, a touch of the Southwest, and great charm.

Gato Diablo dotdotdotdot
Big Twang (Instrumental)

"Gato Diablo" is born of Link Wray. Big chords, bent notes, intense guitar, a classic surf beat, and grumbling bass. Dark and dangerous, and everything a Link Wray style bruiser should be. Excellent!