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The Weisstronauts - Peter Weiss Presents...dotdot
artworkIf Les Paul were more gimmicky and country oriented, he might sound like this. More oddly humored tweakiness than great music here. A solo project with a grin. there are a few bright spots, one even verging on real surf. Definitely not for the average surf fan!
Picks: Classy, Fruity, Dr. Sanchez, Tawdry, Leafy, Spritely, Theme From Jack Coke, Cha Cha Ho, Cranky, Hot Dog City, Sketches Of Andy Pastore, Sunsetty, Jazzy, Space Jaunty

Track by Track Review

Classy dotdot
Spiffy (Instrumental)

"Classy" is a spiffy instro with a bouncy jammin' sub-jazz sound. It has the feel of a Les Paul instro - light and a little cheesy.

Fruity dotdot
Perky (Instrumental)

A gently rockin' instro that's more about the riff than the melody, though the melody is tasteful. The keys (or effected guitar) are kinda hokey.

Dr. Sanchez dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

"Dr. Sanchez" is on the hunt for an afternooner. He has his eyes on the horizon as the sun shadows the outsider. This is a surf instro not too far from where the Aqua Velvets are, though it's not a suave. Cool glissandoes, and some nicely written lines. Spanish influences and warm summer sun. A fine instro.

Tawdry dotdot
Sidewalk Cafe (Instrumental)

A light weight pop jazz instro in the fifties style of the likes of Les Paul or Johnny Smith. A pleasant track.

Leafy dotdot
Spiffy (Instrumental)

Born of banjo, lap steel, and polk salad, "Leafy" is decidedly on the quirky side.

Spritely dotdot
Spiffy (Instrumental)

Dueling guitar lines give this relatively gimmicky instro a country edge and pop-jazz feel.

Theme From Jack Coke dotdotdotdot
Spaghetti (Instrumental)

This verges on spaghetti western, with vibrato throbbing and the requisite drama. many guitar parts fill out the scene, while the nicely written melody line vibrates away. Quite interesting.

Cha Cha Ho dotdotdot
Loungy (Instrumental)

A loungy exotic flow moves through the tropical air. Verging on island coolness, "Cha Cha Ho" hints at tourists on flame-lit beaches watching swaying locals in grass skirts. The chorus is pretty cheesy, but otherwise it's an interesting track.

Cranky dotdot
Stop Start (Instrumental)

Delayed edginess in a rockin' rompin' stop start format. It's a gimmick that works once, but not twice.

Hot Dog City dotdot
Spiffy (Instrumental)

A flighty afternoon at the boardwalk in search of a dog - hot dog that is. Bouncy and fun, with a steel flare.

Sketches Of Andy Pastore dotdot
Spiffy (Instrumental)

Drawn in black and white, these "Sketches Of Andy Pastore" portray a happy go lucky chap with a tweak in one hand and a grin in the other.

Sunsetty dotdotdot
Twangy (Instrumental)

This is a gentle twangster that's awash in the sunsets of ab open plain. Cowboys romanticizing about walking the dog with the cowgirl next door. Simply fun.

Jazzy dot
Spiffy (Instrumental)

Junky ambient drums and jazzy guitar licks... and at 25 seconds, it doesn't outlast its welcome.

Space Jaunty dotdotdot
Space Junk (Instrumental)

Chunky spunky space boogie... interesting and effected without too much gimmickry, though it's a long ways from effects as an instrument a la Hawkwind.