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Drew Weaver and the Vibrabeams - This Side Of The Lawdotdotdot
This is the second Drew Weaver and the Vibrabeams album, released in quite some time back. naturally, it is laden with Drew's great swampabilly vocals and surf sounds. It also features a glorious surf-instro rendition of "La Llorona Waltz."
Picks: La Llorona Waltz

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La Llorona Waltz dotdotdotdot
Surfabilly (Instrumental)

Delicately played waltzing surf. This fine track is real seventeenth century surf for the ballroom. I think this is the only time this traditional song has been done, and the only time the a surf arrangement has been leant to a waltz without radically changing it. Great idea, excellent interpretation, and gorgeous tone. Really fun.