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Drew Weaver and the Vibrabeams - Mystic Ritesdotdotdot
artworkDrew Weaver, ex-Surf Piranhas and inventor of the variety of swampabilly/surfabilly that Southern Culture on the Skids has made a career of, had this wonderful band in Cosa Mesa for several years. This is the first of two albums. Mostly vocal, it features demented tracks like "Do The Autopsy" (as if it was a dance), "Bike War," "Baja Beat," "Cannibal Holocaust," "Chicken Walk," and the marvelously twisted "Caterpillar Crawl" (not the Strangers' instro, but a deliriously funny track about a guy named Raul and your girlfriend), plus the best cover ever of Porter Wagoner's sick "Rubber Room" ever recorded. Instrumentally, there is but one track, "Restless Biker." This release dates from 1986.
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The Restless Biker dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

A slightly country rock instro, more swamp biker than Drew's earlier surf incarnations, and melodically shallower as well. Rhythmic and quite enjoyable - just a considerable left turn off surf route 101.