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The Preston Wayne Four - Themes From Wayne Manordotdotdotdot
artworkThere's no mistaking Preston Wayne's roots in Boston legends DMZ and the Odds. This disc is one hot monster. There's surf underpinnings and garage overtones, with feedback and exquisite power.
Picks: El Aguila, Double A Fueler, Section 12, Dialed In, Summer Nationals, Kumbaya, Mile 77, The Hearse, Theme From Wayne Manor, Flamethrower, Malone's Mustang, Hardtop, O.U.I.

Track by Track Review

El Aguila dotdotdotdot
Fuzz Surf (Instrumental)

I can't say I know of a more ultra compressed fuzz guitar surf rendition of Lee Hazelwood's classic surf anthem. To called this aggressive is an understatement. The energy is high and the sonic attack is intense, like a garage version of the Smithereens surf instros. Very nifty.

Double A Fueler dotdotdot
Fuzz Surf (Instrumental)

A pummelicious assault on the tranquility of your livingroom. No compromise rockin' instrumental gear mashing, with fiery double picked no nonsense guitar and a driven rhythm section.

Section 12 dotdotdotdot
Fuzz Surf (Instrumental)

Wham! Power is the key here. Excellent double picking and compressed guitar distortion. "Section 12" is an ultra heavy garage instro with quite a stirring melody line and a bunch of fine feedback. Fiery!

Dialed In dotdotdotdot
Fuzz Surf (Instrumental)

Cowpoke raunch and roll, with fine guitar work and a mess of cactus fun. The rhythm is a cross between "Mystery Train" and Bo Diddley. Richly textured and assaultive.

Summer Nationals dotdotdotdot
Hot Rod Fuzz (Instrumental)

Dragsters at 40 paces face off with feedback and melodic power. "Summer Nationals" shimmers in a strange sorta way, like an epic tale of hi octane and surf. Excellent!

Kumbaya dotdotdotdot
Fuzz Surf (Instrumental)

Really! If it never occurred to you to beat "Kumbaya" to death with crunch and feedback, then it's high time. This is way too fun!

Mile 77 dotdotdot
Hot Rod Fuzz (Instrumental)

Road worthy instrumental excursional power... raw energy, feedback, and a haunting riff. Thrashing double picking.

The Hearse dotdotdotdot
Fuzz Surf (Instrumental)

This is one powerful thrashing of Lee Hazelwood's surf monster. The intensity of the guitar work, and especially the whammied feedback, is priceless. "The Hearse" takes on a whole new feel under the axe-master.

Theme From Wayne Manor dotdotdotdot
Fuzz Surf (Instrumental)

Wow, a smooth number with a pretty melody, driven with edge and finesse. The intense whammy in the second verse is really a nice touch. Deluxe! The speedy break seems a bit outta place, but I still like this a lot.

Flamethrower dotdotdot
Fuzz Surf (Instrumental)

Visions of mechanical bulls and ten gallon hats... this is full of trouble at the O.K. coral.

Malone's Mustang dotdotdot
Hot Rod Fuzz (Instrumental)

An excellent riff and pounding drums, with volume throbbing at the end of the lines. "Malone's Mustang" screams like smoking tires on a hot afternoon. A very strong hot rod tune.

Hardtop dotdotdot
Hot Rod Fuzz (Instrumental)

Jammin' intense car worship goes down here every Sunday... Extremely cool feedback, but otherwise mostly a jam I think.

O.U.I. dotdotdotdot
Fuzz Surf (Instrumental)

Throbbing Davie Allanisms and speed jockey pacing. This simple piece shouts for relief. It's definitely a high powered mean machine.