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WaveSauce - WaveSauce (demo)dotdotdotdot
artworkYeah! Theremin has been employed in surf in artful, gimmicky, and strange ways. Planet Seven, The Manatees, and others have used it very well. Then, along came WaveSauce, who use it to invent a variant of sci-fi surf that's fresh and demented without being gimmicky. Original and a bit ominous.
Picks: Mosquito Serenade, Black Cat Strut, Lost Semaphore, Pipeline, Outer Limits

Track by Track Review

Mosquito Serenade dotdotdotdot
Sci-Fi Surf (Instrumental)

The Theremin warbles weirdness across a gentle surf backtrack for an eerie scene. It's slow pace adds to the drama. You'll not rest easy with this one!

Black Cat Strut dotdotdot
Sci-Fi Surf (Instrumental)

Dark fuzz surf grinds while Theremin cries into the night. A little less Theremin would obscure the guitar less, but "Black Cat Strut" nonetheless is a compelling fright fest.

Lost Semaphore dotdotdotdot
Sci-Fi Surf (Instrumental)

Dangerous chord progressions and bass, splashy guitar, and engaging drums provide a menacing foundation for the Theremin's dementia. This is moody, adventurous, and powerful. "Lost Semaphore" isn't lost at all... and it will bring you back.

Pipeline dotdotdotdot
Sci-Fi Surf (Instrumental)

I'm pretty darn sure that Brian Carmen and Bob Spickard didn't intend "Pipeline" to sound like this. WaveSauce gives it a totally fresh sound, with rock lead guitar playing a not quite right melody while bass and drums drive hard. And then, there's the Theremin's deranged warble. It's not right in the head, but it sure is compelling. Too cool!

Outer Limits dotdotdotdot
Sci-Fi Surf (Instrumental)

Naturally, Theremin fits right in with the theme of Mike Gordon's "Out Of Limits." It's nothing like The Mar-Kets' hit. Fresh and twisted.