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Terry 'Buffalo' Ware - Reverb Confidentialdotdotdotdot
artworkThis is a nice set of tracks from Terry 'Buffalo' Ware. Lots of rock and countrified instrumentals, and some surfy things, all with a fair share of reverb.
Picks: Bob, Meet Buster, Turbo Wha?, Sleepwalking Talk "Homage to Santo And Johnny Farina", Groovy Grubworm, Our Man 008, Sleepy August Moon, Rumbogan Road, Dangerous Dana, Sand Dune, Trigger Thumb, Here's Yer Souvenir, Remember Christmas

Track by Track Review

Bob, Meet Buster dotdotdotdot
Reverb Country (Instrumental)

Rich reverb makes this country-rock instro seem very coastal. Dome very cool double picked lines appear briefly, but mostly "Bob, Meet Buster" is a sort of classic rock instro with reverb. The rhythm pattern circles and really holds it together. Nice track.

Turbo Wha? dotdotdot
Reverb Rock (Instrumental)

With a rhythm track that seems not too far from the seventies in structure and modern in texture, "Turbo Wha?" is led by a modern rock melody line. There's nothing surf about this aside from the drums beat, but it's a fun and engaging track that seems quite well suited for the open road.

Sleepwalking Talk "Homage to Santo And Johnny Farina" dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

"Sleepwalking Talk "Homage to Santo And Johnny Farina"" is a lovely slow moving piece with surf impulses and a nod to the emotional side of Santo & Johnny, just like the title suggests. It's not lap steel friendly, but it does convey the late night romance of the Farina brothers.

Groovy Grubworm dotdotdot
Reverb Rock (Instrumental)

Terry 'Buffalo' Ware's jammy early rock obscuro is nicely done, but is still just a jammy thing. This is a very reverent take on it, but the song itself is just too riffy for my taste.

Our Man 008 dotdotdotdot
Reverb Rock (Instrumental)

This is a solid track that's gotta work great on a long topdown cruise on 101. "Our Man 008" rings with surfish sounds, and is augmented with hand claps and an infectious sense of traveling. While it's on the simple side, the arrangement is rich enough, and the sound full, letting it swell and gather you up as it goes along, perhaps a bit like the Sparrow / Steppenwolf in their earlier days on stage.

Sleepy August Moon dotdotdotdotdot
Reverb Emotion (Instrumental)

Bassist Susan Hyde-Holmes wrote this lovely song. "Sleepy August Moon" is a lush and romantically slow piece with shimmering guitar and trembling keys. The melody is very pretty, and the sound surely lulls you into a relaxed place where you're ready for another to enter your life. Very nice!

Rumbogan Road dotdotdotdotdot
Reverb Surf Rock (Instrumental)

A nearly classic reverb rhythm keeps "Rumbogan Road" on the surf side of the block. The melody portrays a bit of sadness, or perhaps its merely a look back on the waves that might have been. This song grows on you as it evolves, particularly if your on the highway at the limit with the audio at full tilt.

Dangerous Dana dotdotdot
Western Reverb Rock (Instrumental)

It's great to see that Terry has chosen to cover Freddy Steady Krc, who is one of my favorite Texas writers. "Dangerous Dana" is a splendid little western rocker in the tradition of the Shakin' Apostles. Very nice.

Sand Dune dotdotdot
Reverb Sunset (Instrumental)

This track has a very pretty melody and lots of character. The balance between lead and rhythm and keys if solid. Some of the piano lines are quire endearing. "Sand Dune" is a delightful instro from Emily Kaitz.

Trigger Thumb dotdotdotdot
Reverb Country (Instrumental)

One the Nashville side of country writing, "Trigger Thumb" features a circular rhythm pattern that's a little nervous, a melody that's slightly spy, and a thick layered aural quality. The relentless nature of the song is part of it's charm.

Here's Yer Souvenir dotdotdot
Reverb Rock (Instrumental)

Moving slowly, the moody bass and careful drums settle under a minimalist rhythm line and a modern rock lead. I think there's more here than meets the eye, but it just didn't capture my attention.

Remember Christmas dotdotdot
Reverb Holiday (Instrumental)

This is a gentle, slightly sad number, with long notes and a low key approach. "Remember Christmas" is lush, lovely, and more forlornned than anything else. It will be a blue Christmas.