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Larry Wallis - Death In The Guitarfternoondotdotdotdot
artworkAside from being a solid indie release of genuine rock 'n' roll, this CD includes a brand new edition of the legendary "I'm A Police Car" and the soon-to-be-a-single "El Diablo Hangin' Ten." It turns out that Lazza "was raised on the Surfaris and the Shadows." Top that with his "do you know about the Aqua Velvets question to me last week, and you coulda knocked me over with a feather. Know 'em? Well, anyway, another rock legend I've followed for 30 plus years digs and plays surf. You gotta love it!

For the uninitiated, here's a little background. It's 1970 and the waning months of the Social Deviants yields musical side projects alternately called Shagrat the Vagrant and Pink Fairies Drinking Club, and then the Pink Fairies Family TreePink Fairies . Larry Wallis was guitarist behind leader and Deviants main man Mick Farren, with the legendary Johnny 'Twink' Alder (ex-Dane Stephens and the Deep Beats, the Fairies, the Pretty Things, and Tomorrow) and Tyrannosaurus Rex refugee Steve Took in one line up and Twink with the classic Pink Fairies line up of Duncan Sanderson, Paul Rudolph (Hawkwind), and Russell Hunter. Through some diversions including the Entire Sioux Nation, Wallis later showed up in the final four versions of the Pink Fairies from '72 through '77, and in '75 became the first guitarist in Lemmy Kilmeister's (Rockin' Vickers / Blue Goose / Sam Gopal / Hawkwind) fledging Motorhead. As England took off on the new punk/wave experiment, Wallis appeared on other releases from Mick Farren and issued a solo single as well, the infamous ("I'm A Police Car" c/w "On Parole"). The Pink Fairies were a major influence on the developing punk scene. You could say he has credentials.
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El Diablo's Hangin' Ten dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

A rumbly thumpin' bass line opens a rousing modern guitar instro with a surf beat and very surfable melody line. About half way between Agent Orange and melodic rock, "El Diablo's Hangin' Ten" is a fine pumpin' instro with a mess of power and edge. Really good guitar work from Lazza, with great support from Wayne Casserly - drums and Big George Webley - bass.