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Wall Of Voodoo - The Index Mastersdotdotdot
artworkNo, there's no surf here. Just three electro-industrial instros amid a wash of stark vocals, including their most amazing psychedelic cover of "Ring Of Fire" (Johnny Cash). But, amidst the psycho warbles is a very cool futuristic vision of spaghetti western civilization. Digital pasta for the diner.
Picks: Struggle, Granma's House, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly / Hang 'Em High

Track by Track Review

Struggle dotdotdot
Electro Industrial Surf (Instrumental)

"Struggle" pits dirge keyboards against Casio percussion like rain dripping in a down spout, and relentless state of repetition, punctuated by water bubbling and orgasmotronic moaning. Interesting once.

Granma's House
Electro Industrial Surf (Instrumental)

This short burst of whirring noise leaves much to be desired, like a song maybe.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly / Hang 'Em High dotdotdot
Electro Industrial Spaghetti Western (Instrumental)

Referring to these two spaghetti western epics as "a little fill music for ya," Wall Of Voodoo industrialize Enio Morricone is a bizarre manner. The guitar is growly and grodie, while the Casio percussion makes the songs surreal. The synth carries the whistling warble. All in all, a pretty interesting interpretation that retains the spirit of the tunes while completely reinventing them.