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The Viceroys - Please Please Please c/w Tiger Sharkdotdotdotdot
artworkSeattle's The Viceroys, not to be confused with The Viceroys on the Bethlehem label, were a mainstay of the early scene. Perhaps more poppy than the usual Northwest sound, they recorded mostly R&B style songs, such as the a-side of this single, "Please Please Please." Their instros were also seldom guitar dominant, favoring organ in the vein of Dave Lewis ("David's Mood," "Little Green Thing," "J.A.J.") Then, there was 1963's "Tiger Shark," which approaches the outskirts of surf.
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Tiger Shark dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This splendid instro focuses more on the guitar. "Tiger Shark" sports tribal drums and great ride cymbal action, buffered by the console organ. The song's structure and style are mighty close to surf, lacking only the reverb to be so labeled. A great and simple riff, and a magnetic performance come together here, showing the potential of this band's guitarist. "Tiger Shark" was written by Jim Valley. It was a single, backed by "Please Please Please."