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The Vibro Champs - Ultra Moderndotdotdot
artworkThis is the new release from Minnesota's Vibro Champs. More slightly strange countrified pop-n-roll. Fendermen guitarist Jim Sundquist guests on "Beach Party." These cats are a very fun band.
Picks: Beach Party, Besame Mucho - Tango Instrumental

Track by Track Review

Beach Party dotdotdotdot
Country Surf (Instrumental)

With a thirty second intro from Jim Sundquist of the original Fendermen "Beach Party" takes off on flights of exquisite fancy while the Vibro Champs provide solid Minneapolis chunk. This is marvelous. This also appears on the recent "Best of the Fendermen" CD.

Besame Mucho - Tango Instrumental dotdotdot
Lounge Tango (Instrumental)

Suave, moderne, new century smooth and fun, this organ based rendering spreads the joy, but lacks the guitar cool the Vibro Champs are so good at.