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The Ventures - In Spacedotdot
artworkThis concept album contains a lot is silly and near silly material. It also contains "The Fourth Dimension," a fine cover of a Northwest classic instro.
Picks: Out Of Limits, He Never Came Back, Moon Child, Fear [Main Title From "One Step beyond"], Exploration In Terror, War Of The Satellites, The Bat, Penetration, Love Goddess Of Venus, Solar Race, The Fourth Dimension, The Twilight Zone

Track by Track Review

Out Of Limits dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

Mike Gordon's most familiar tune, delivered dry with edge. Some really tasty playing from Nokie Edwards.

He Never Came Back dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

Spooky drums, slow creaky door pick slides, and screams. This is a choppy number with one-time appeal.

Moon Child dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

"Moon Child" shimmers with vibrato and rolling drums. It's a gentle track, melodic and inviting. The chorus makes it too MOR, and the lead is subdued, but it still works OK.

Fear [Main Title From "One Step beyond"] dotdotdot
Horror Rock (Instrumental)

This is really slow and eerie. It's not quite as strange as the original TV theme, but it does make you question reality. This holds a special place in my heart because it was the first non-approved track I played on KFJC in 1965 when I was the Tuesday night engineer and hosted the prescribed MOR music show. It stuck with me because faculty advisor Ken Clark was mortified. It seems he was "showing off" his station to some snob friends, and was embarrassed by this track between Montavani and Percy Faith. It's hard to think of this as a rebel track, except in that context. Clark thought radio drama was coming back, that radio was television without pictures. He didn't care if some of us actually wanted to do and learn radio.

Exploration In Terror dotdotdotdot
Horror Surf (Instrumental)

This is a dramatic and magical track. It is truly dependent on the production of Josie Wilson and Bob Reisdorf (Blue Horizon Production). The big gong, the drums booming way WAY down the hall, and the surf guitar lead all come together to create a truly unique track. I can't say it's exactly melodic, but it truly does capture your attention.

War Of The Satellites dotdot
Space Rock (Instrumental)

"War Of The Satellites" is just too cutesy for my taste. Childish space effects and arranging.

The Bat dotdot
Horror Rock (Instrumental)

This is a tribal thing with vibrato lead and slow human voice glissandoes. More a jam and riff with great drums and spooky movie chorus than a song.

Penetration dotdot
Space Surf (Instrumental)

This misses the point of the original. The added slide accents detract from the melody, giving it a silly air. The arrangement is otherwise pretty close to the Pyramids, except for the addition of the girl chorus.

Love Goddess Of Venus dotdotdot
Bachelor Pad Space MOR (Instrumental)

This is a very pretty melody over a plinky "Summer Place" backtrack with chorus. The writing is much better than the arrangement.

Solar Race dotdotdot
Space Surf (Instrumental)

Throbbing vibrato, energetic drums, and a nifty riff make up this cool rhythmic track. The cadence is almost a polka, and the throb seems to work really well with that. The short drum break is very tribal.

The Fourth Dimension dotdotdotdot
Lycanthropy Surf (Instrumental)

"The Fourth Dimension" is a cover of the Frantics' "Werewolf." It's arranged with really solid notions and reverence for the original, marred only by the organ. Melodic, dramatic, and scary.

The Twilight Zone dotdot
Sci-Fi TV Theme Rock (Instrumental)

Things like this do nothing for me. Chorus wails... silly effects...