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Bobby Vee and the Shadows - Susie Baby c/w Flyin' Highdotdotdot
artworkBobby Vee and the Shadows' first single had a rockin' instro b-side called "Flyin' High." This 1959 single, released on the legendary Soma label, was picked up soon after release by Liberty. In a few years, Bobby was topping the charts under his own power.
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Flyin' High dotdotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

This is a very cool twangster from 1959. Great drums, a genuine rock'n'roll recording, and a cool melody riff. While somewhat jammy, "Flyin' High" is a solid instro with string swipes, the grit of Fargo of the period, and the clarity of Minneapolis' Kaybank studio. Mighty nice. This was originally issued in 1959 on Soma 1110 as the b-side to "Suzie Baby," later picked up for national distribution on Liberty.