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Bobby Vee - Down The LInedotdotdot
artworkBobby Vee was a fine guitar player, though it was his voice and look that made him a household name. He is best know as a pop singer, but that needs to be in context. He arose at the time when rock 'n' roll was being killed off by the Brille Building pop writers and major labels (sound familiar?), but before the rise of surf and then the British Invasion. His early work is closer to Buddy Holly than Pat Boone. There are lots of Holy covers here, and some rockabilly and even a couple of intriguing pop numbers. An actual rock band behind him helps a lot. So, why is this here? Because there's one fine little instro on it!
Picks: Holly Hop

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Holly Hop dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This is a Buddy Holly and the Crickets instro, and it's very nicely done. It may well be Bobby Vee on guitar. He was/is an accomplished player. "Holly Hop" is a riff rock romper, and within that genre, is pretty darn fun. Here, it's very true to the original, except a much better recording and in stereo. High spirited fifties style instro boogie.