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Bob Vaught and the Renegaids - Surf Crazydotdotdot
artworkAll four tracks on this 1963 French release are taken from Bob Vaught and the Renegaids' Surf Crazy album on GNP Crescendo. It's curious why "Surfin' Tragedy" was not used.
Picks: Exotic, Delano Soul Beat, Malibu Mash

Track by Track Review

Exotic dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Bob Vaught's band had a pretty dry sound, but they did some really cool surf stuff, most notably, the best recording of "Surfin' Tragedy." This song started life by the Sentinals in that horn-lead Pachuko soul style of the Soul Kings and the Rhythm Kings... sort of Mariachi R&B. The Sentinals recorded it with Tommy Nunes' guitar lead, and this is a cover of that. It is interesting, but not Bob's best work, or the best version of the song in either style. This is a driving treatment of Bruce Morgan' tune, completely different from the powerful-gorgeous Sentinals treatment. This is raw in your face garage surf.

Delano Soul Beat dotdotdot
Surf Latin Pachuko Soul (Instrumental)

More typical of Bob Vaught's work, this version of the Pachuko Soul number made most familiar by The Original Surfaris not very Latin. Still, Bob's band was cool. I'd really like to see GNP Crescendo reissue their entire album. Incidentally, the album was called Surf Crazy, and used the same font as the artwork of this CD. Come on Neil, get it out with the bonus tracks of his singles.

Malibu Mash dotdotdot
Surf Latin Pachuko Soul (Instrumental)

"Malibu Mash" is a genuine riff rocker, with more frat party sense than surf. Gutty and raw, with a nasty sax growl.

Revellion dotdotdot
Surf Latin Pachuko Soul (Instrumental)

"Revellion" is one of those Central Coast R&B rants that often found its way into surf sets back in the day. It's a riff rocker with a "Church Key" mentality.