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Ben Vaughn - Rambler 65dotdotdot
artworkRecorded entirely in a 1965 Rambler American (what a concept), Ben Vaughn creates another experimental release. This time, only one short surf instro surfaces. An unmarked track twelve includes an actual rock and roll radio add for the '65 Rambler.
Picks: Piston Search

Track by Track Review

Piston Search dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

"Soundtrack Music From Rambler 65" is in three movements. The middle section is called "Piston Search.." It's is a rousing surf instro, full of open road roadster flair and great tone. It's a mere forty seconds long, but worth seeking out. "Piston Search" is sandwiched between "Main Title" and "Geator Drive," both slushy title themes in the fifties mold, with exotic bongos and cheesy vibes.