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The Vanduras - In The Darkdotdotdot
artworkThe Vanduras music is soft and moody, with atmospheric sound and sad guitar. Lap steel, surf guitar, and country twang overlay island breezes and soft evenings. This is quite a pleasant listening experience.
Picks: In The Dark, La Planche, The Big Hurt, El Monte, Cybele's Reverie, Lost Beach, Dinner With Robert, Charlotte, Sarajevo Rose, Rope 'n Pineapples, Theme For Troubled Teens, Atomic, Lavitare

Track by Track Review

In The Dark dotdotdot
Island Tiki (Instrumental)

Squishy lounge and roll with lap steel and vibrating vibraphone oozing eeriness. very pretty in a desert lounge kinda way.

La Planche dotdotdotdot
Island Tiki (Instrumental)

A little strangeness opens "La Planche," before it romps into a delicate and gorgeous coastal number. Rich guitar tone, a flowing melody line, and a light rhythm section, all merging into a splendid afternoon drive along PCH.

The Big Hurt dotdotdot
Island Tiki (Instrumental)

Soft and squishy, this laps steel loungeabilly rendering of Tony Fisher's "The Big Hurt" is warm and bubbly, with tongue firmly planted in cheek. What's missing is her voice and the phasing effect from the failing tube in the record amp. Bouncy and fluffy, with fun as its guide.

El Monte dotdotdot
Island Tiki (Instrumental)

Spooky softness, gently percussive, eerily delicate, and like a post Santo and Johnny Italian film score.

Cybele's Reverie dotdotdot
Island Tiki (Instrumental)

This moment of softness is brought to you by the Vanduras, as they ride across an open valley on a warm summer's day in northern Italy. Pretty and a little Joe Goldmark-ish.

Lost Beach dotdotdot
Island Tiki (Instrumental)

Soft island breezes move gently across the white sands, caressing Lelani's wrap and inviting you to the luau. Very pleasant. Where's my tiki?

Dinner With Robert dotdotdot
Island Tiki (Instrumental)

Robert must like cheese... "Dinner With Robert" sports cheesy organ and rich surf guitar. The keys do a carnival riff while the guitar delivers a splendid melody line. Nice track.

Charlotte dotdotdot
Island Tiki (Instrumental)

"Charlotte" softly weaves her web with moonlight serenading all who dare. A very romantic and delicate song.

Sarajevo Rose dotdotdot
Island Tiki (Instrumental)

A little on the Baltic side, but mostly "Sarajevo Rose" is a soft ode to a romantic island evening.

Rope 'n Pineapples dotdotdot
Island Tiki (Instrumental)

Exotic percussion, elastic cowboy lap steel, and caramel corn all around. Bouncy and a little islandic.

Theme For Troubled Teens dotdotdot
Island Tiki (Instrumental)

Slowly leaking sad notes into the night, "Theme For Troubled Teens" seems remorseful, as if mourning the loss of yet another run away. Silky.

Atomic dotdotdot
Island Tiki (Instrumental)

Well, even atoms need a night to relax. "Atomic" is the musical story of electrons on pause, where only soft distant sounds waft through open windows on warm summer eves. Quite ambient.

Lavitare dotdotdot
Island Tiki (Instrumental)

A little nervous, "Lavitare" portrays sleepcore moods for a brief period.