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Vampire Beach Babes - Reckless Summerdotdotdotdot
artworkVampire Beach Babes have members in common with Vegas Beach. It's a band with a mission, not just a sound and image. Vampires and dementia abound, as do rhythms of the dance floor and seductive arranging. This is quite a unique and wonderful CD. The heavy thick grungy garage dementia vocals include "Creepy Baby Man," "Run Danger Boy, Run," the amazing "Gothic Surf-a-rama," which is full of surfisms and licks from classic instros, "Gothmobile," the Rivingtons inspired "Tomb Mau Mau," and the techno-cowboy "Horseshoes (Up My Ass)." While there's only one instro here, I think any adventurous garage dementia fan will dig the vampire vibe.
Picks: Tomb Mau Mau (Two Fisted Party Mix)

Track by Track Review

Tomb Mau Mau (Two Fisted Party Mix) dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

"Tequila" rhythm, great mechanical-inspired drums, stereo delay guitar licks, and a thick edge to the texture. "Tomb Mau Mau (Two Fisted Party Mix)" is a fine example of a complete restructuring of a song, giving it a whole new sound. Excellent!