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The Untamed Youth - Youth Runs Wild!dotdotdot
artworkThis album finds three instros interspersed between a gaggle of frat rants. I was quite excited to see the Seville's great east side tune "Charlina" on the track list, but disappointed at the speedup, which seemed to strip the soul from it. It's definitely a beer bash disc.
Picks: Haunted House Party, Lightnin' Louie, Red Line

Track by Track Review

Haunted House Party dotdotdot
Pacific Northwest (Instrumental)

This Wailers antiquity has been covered several times in the past couple of years. It's a tune that requires the depth of whammy originally imparted to it to really grab the listener. The Untamed Youth use a little less, but not so much less that the song's effectiveness is damaged. The arrangement is backed with endless party yammering, like a frat bash when the beer arrives.

Lightnin' Louie dotdotdotdot
Short Surf Blast (Instrumental)

having nothing to do with "Louie Louie," this is one speedy doubly picked surf tune, with thrashing drums and just over a minute of thrills and spill. The guitar tone is pretty dry. The keyboards are subtle and useful. The poundy rhythm section makes the track come together. High speed shredding.

Red Line dotdotdot
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

This track is a slower paced fairly melodic number, with some nice glissandoes, and a warm dry guitar sound. There's a sense of melancholy about this. I was immediately struck by the similarity is the sound of this track to some of the Hornets' material back when Liberty released their stuff. It has similar tone and chord use I think.