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The Untamed Youth - Russian Roulettedotdot
artworkSome would have you believe that the Untamed Youth are the most important band to the rising surf movement due to their slogging it out in the stinky clubs of the US underbelly. That would be a gross overstatement IMHO for two reasons, the sleazy district clubs drew the young punks, not the majority new surf fans that are slightly older and actually have jobs, and they only seem to have a "buzz" among the lo-fi crowd. They are fuller capable of some really good surf, as is evidenced in "Russian Roulette", a tune originally recorded by the Teen Beats aka the Nevegans. This recording is quite nice, with it's crisp sound and solid energy. The B-side is a run of the mill vocal called "Mean Woman."
Picks: Russian Roulette, Mean Woman

Track by Track Review

Russian Roulette dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

"Russian Roulette" is a strange cover of the Nevegans / Teen Beats tune, mixed in a very odd stereo, odd for the song, and odd for the band's usual sound.

Mean Woman dotdot
Garage Pop Surf (Vocal)

A surf bed supporting a solid vocal garage pop song in an all too familiar style.