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The Ultra 5 - Dead Or Live (Live in Mexico)dotdotdot
artworkthis live set is from a soundboard recording, so beware the mix. However, what a powerful garage set it is, and with a grode instro... well, it's worth a sidetrip.
Picks: Blues Theme - Last Ride

Track by Track Review

Blues Theme - Last Ride dotdotdotdot
Garage (Instrumental)

This is a rockin' fuzzy organ drenched take on Davie Allan and the Arrows' "Blues Theme" that is all live, all spunk. Great drums and thundering bass! "Last Ride" breaks out of a gnarly fuzz swirl of howling feedback and angry organ. The down side is that this soundboard tape has the lead guitar too low in the mix, but what a rockin' monster it is!