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Twin Tones - Nacion Apache + Salon Chihuahuadotdotdotdot
artworkThese tracks come from two EP's, and were culled from the web. I'd love to have these EP's. Superb arranging, great production, and a fine blend of surf and spaghetti and desert and more.
Picks: Nacion Apache, Bandidos, Nomadas, Joaquin Murrieta, Doroteo Arango, Viendo El Desierto Desde El Ferrocarril, Salon Chihuahua, Cotton Eyed

Track by Track Review

Nacion Apache dotdotdotdot
Cowboy Surf (Instrumental)

This is a superb track with big chord drama & galloping drums carrying a rich guitar melody in the western image vein. Slide, acoustic, and bass round out this stellar track. The double picked lines in the middle drip surf, especially as they transition between registers through a fine glissando.

Bandidos dotdotdotdotdot
Cowboy Surf (Instrumental)

Rompin' cowboy surf with stroked notes emphasizing changes, and a picturesque melody line. The merger of surf and spaghetti and cactus scenery is very cool. "Bandidos" oozes ruffians on horseback in deserts of sand and scrub.

Nomadas dotdotdotdot
Cowboy Surf (Instrumental)

Excellent cowboy drums run beneath a very fine melody that is very surf. This is a thoroughly enjoyable track, with a high plains adventure scene painted by gnarly surf. "Nomadas" splendidly rolls along.

Joaquin Murrieta dotdotdotdotdot
Cowboy Surf (Instrumental)

Big drama, stinging surf chords, delicate transitions, galloping drums, and a lovely spaghetti surf melody are very well blended here. The art quotient is high, and the spunk factor well developed. Horses run free in a wide expanse. "Joaquin Murrieta" ("El Bandolero") is surely excellent!

Doroteo Arango dotdotdot
Traditional Mexican (Instrumental)

In a Mexican polka style, complete with accordion, the Twin Tones romp and play with glee. "Doroteo Arango" is a wonderful journey through traditional sounds and styles, yet somehow emulates the shore.

Viendo El Desierto Desde El Ferrocarril dotdotdotdotdot
Cowboy Surf (Instrumental)

"Seeing The Desert From The Railroad" rolls along gently, with rich tremolo and surf styles, augmented with accordion and a pranciful bridge. Lovely guitar lines and desert imagery. Then, fuzz guitar and a heavy backtrack emerges to bring you into biker fuzz land, before returning to sparkling guitar. The many changes make "Viendo El Desierto Desde El Ferrocarril" very engaging and sophisticated.

Salon Chihuahua dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

"Salon Chihuahua" is a happy and light hearted song with a more or less standard rock format born on winds from the South. Quite fun.

Cotton Eyed dotdotdot
Country (Instrumental)

"Cotton Eyed" is a gently moving song with a soothing sound and slightly sad melody. This relaxed afternoon rain pleaser is very cool. The country lap steel song is just plain nice.