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Bo Troy and his Hot Rods - Wild Hot Rod Wailsdotdotdot
artworkDiplomat is one of the cheapest labels of all time. the pressing quality is dreadful, and the tracks are often renamed. Bo Troy and his Hot Rods probably did not exist, and at least one of these tacks has been issued as by the Surf Kings. Mostly juts so-so, except for a couple of tracks. There are three vocals here, "Haulin' Henry," and the two widely circulated Dick Dale pop sides, "The Fairest Of Them All," and "We'll Never Hear The End Of It."
Picks: Slippery Shillelagh, High Boy Hauler, Bash, Four Banger, Kooky Deuce, Sling Shot Scavenger, Four On The Floor

Track by Track Review

Slippery Shillelagh dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This is an extra chunky tune, with a big low-E lead guitar, reverbed hand claps, and a great riff for line dancing. It's punchy, pumped, and mid tempo cool. "Slippery Shillelagh" is the same song as the Surf Kings' "Big Board." It's in stereo, though it's overdubbed with racing engines.

High Boy Hauler dotdotdot
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

"High Boy Hauler" is a simple studio jam with hot rod sounds permeating the entire track. Not very interesting. While the stereo recording sounds similarly formulated, the band does not quite sound the same to me. Perhaps it's just a less inspired track. This is the same track as the Surf Kings' "Night Surf Party."

Bash dotdotdot
Hot Rod Surf (Instrumental)

Racing engines slash through the afternoon heat as the band plays a pretty cool hot rod surf instro jam. "Bash" sounds like it might be from the same set as "Slippery Shillelagh" a.k.a. "Big Board." It was issued as the Surf Kings "Surf Water ."

Four Banger dot
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

This is a typical fifties studio jam with wailing sax and nothing approaching a melody. Exhaust stacks blow, and so does the track. "Four Banger" was also released as the Surf Kings "White Cap."

Kooky Deuce dotdot
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

"Kooky Deuce" is a guitar boogie shuffle with hot rod sounds overdubbed. Uninspired.

Sling Shot Scavenger dotdotdot
Hot Rod Surf (Instrumental)

"Sling Shot Scavenger" by any other name would be "Oh Suzanna." Double picked guitar and raw sax, and those damned annoying engines. It rocks, but it's not really cool. OK, maybe a little.

Four On The Floor dotdotdot
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

"Four On The Floor" sounds like it was written as a train instro, not a hot rod instro. The melody is a variant of "Shortnin' Bread." Second guitar approaches surf, and the band rocks on this track.