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The Tremolo Beer Gut - Under The Influence Ofdotdotdotdot
artworkThis CD in "glorious mono" from the Tremolo Beer Gut sports seventeen instros launched from a spy platform, with rich twang, surfable sound, and original writing. A solid set!
Picks: Agent Tremolo, The Sleaz-e-nator, Diablo Mountain Sunrise, Slingshot Dragster, Stoli Chaser, The Last Booze Fighter, J-Cat Gone Haywire, St. Duane, Kittyscope, The Worm, Theme From The Beer Hunter, Tahonga Lounge Babe, Revolvo, Timebomb, The Casbah Hit (Bad Postcard From Polermo), Plutonium, Diablo Mountains Sunset

Track by Track Review

Agent Tremolo dotdotdotdot
Spy Surf (Instrumental)

Groovy bass notes launch this richly toned Pink Panther-ish instro. It's quirkiness endears it, and the vibes add shimmer. It doesn't overstay its welcome at a mere 1:24. Very nice track.

The Sleaz-e-nator dotdotdotdot
Spy Surf (Instrumental)

Great guitar plays ominous espionage while the band provides a backdrop of drama and mystery. This is quite a cool tune.

Diablo Mountain Sunrise dotdotdot
Spy Surf (Instrumental)

Big slow twang, undercover drama, and a moody riff drive this secret laden song. It's interesting how effective the arrangement is at delivering the impending danger of the track.

Slingshot Dragster dotdotdot
Spy Surf (Instrumental)

Constructed a s a capsule of spy shenanigans, and unlike the hot rod genre one might expect, "Slingshot Dragster" is angular and ominous. Hand claps set this apart from the rest here.

Stoli Chaser dotdotdotdot
Spy Surf (Instrumental)

"Stoli Chaser" sports a surfable melody line with warm invitations to dangerous visions. Unusual and catchy, with plenty going on to keep interest throughout. Excellent track.

The Last Booze Fighter dotdotdotdot
Spy Surf (Instrumental)

In the land of action heroes, one agent of the alkanes boldly substitutes hydroxyl radicals for hydrogen atoms. He is "The Last Booze Fighter." It's neither cartoonish, nor drunken stoopid. This is an intriguing song with angular edges and a liquid flow. Solid drums and rich guitar tone, offset by theremin wails and whining danger in the break, combine to create a tale of dementia and heroism.

J-Cat Gone Haywire dotdotdot
Spy Surf (Instrumental)

Surf whammy chords and a Euro spy structure blend to create intrigue and mystery. Quite an effective track.

St. Duane dotdotdotdot
Spy Surf (Instrumental)

Big string bending, rhythmically interesting, and crossing the surf with the secret world of double agents, the shimmering vibrato and rich twang deliver the goods. Surfable, fluid, and echoed for hugeness.

Kittyscope dotdotdotdot
Spy Surf (Instrumental)

Feline surf? Maybe. Oozing espionage and aquatic danger, "Kittyscope" haunts and flows with excellent arranging and solid writing. Very cool track.

The Worm dotdotdotdot
Spy Surf (Instrumental)

A cowboy beat runs under this rich twangster, fronted by haunting distant reverb and cactus coolness. "The Worm" worms its way into your consciousness and stays there. A fine track!

Theme From The Beer Hunter dotdotdot
Spy Surf (Instrumental)

Just the title makes you grin! "Theme From The Beer Hunter" is spyish and fun, and a little angular. The lead riff is very serviceable, and the overall track effective. Good fun.

Tahonga Lounge Babe dotdotdotdot
Spy Surf (Instrumental)

"Tahonga Lounge Babe" is on the loungy side, with vibes and an eerie melody line. Very eerie sound and plodding dangerous rhythm send chills up the spine. Excellent track!

Revolvo dotdotdotdot
Spy Surf (Instrumental)

This is a very slow and moody piece, with an edge of danger and dripping with cave like condensation. Angular and uncomfortable, yet quite attractive. So, is "Revolvo" a Swedish armored car?

Timebomb dotdotdot
Spy Surf (Instrumental)

Based on a guitar line like a funky reincarnation of "Surf Rider," this is angular and quirky, and a little disturbed.

The Casbah Hit (Bad Postcard From Polermo) dotdotdotdot
Spy Surf (Instrumental)

On the Middle Eastern side, theremin tortured, and Bedouin nomadic, "The Casbah Hit" eventually rises to the full band and a very catchy track. I'm not sure how the subtitle "Bad Postcard From Polermo" works into it, but this is a marvelous and dangerous track, full of desert intrigue.

Plutonium dotdotdotdot
Spy Surf (Instrumental)

Elemental neptunium becomes instrumental "Plutonium" when bombarded with deutrons in a reverb tank. Melodic, deliberate and brooding, twangy and twinged with danger. It's "elemental my dear Watson."

Diablo Mountains Sunset dotdotdot
Spy Surf (Vocal)

"Diablo Mountains Sunset" is nothing like "Diablo Mountains Sunrise." A gumshoe introduction to the strange and mysterious underside of espionage.