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The Torpedoes - Lucky Youdotdotdotdot
artworkThe Torpedoes have moved into a more ringing tone, and employ much more technique and less spitfire attack. The effect is to deliver the tracks with much more sophisticated arranging and playing. Guitars, bass and drums all deliver the goods exceptionally well. The lone vocal is the very funny "Bad Boy."
Picks: Lucky You, Green Light, Manhattan Skyline, Batwing, No Trace, The Gunfighter, American Heartbreak, Big Sky, Fishin', Lickety-Split, Night Of The Hod Rods, Davenport

Track by Track Review

Lucky You dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

The Torpedoes added a plinky keyboard mimicking trad piano here to play the lead. It's really quite a nice effect. The track is nicely arranged with two guitar parts and the keys, plus bass and drums. It's quite rhythmic, and very playful. Quite cool.

Green Light dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

To paraphrase George Bush, it's a "kinder chunkier" track. Not very melodic, but intense as all get-out, and rhythmic as well.

Manhattan Skyline dotdotdotdot
Suave Surf (Instrumental)

Another deviation from the Torps of old, "Manhattan Skyline" is melodic, slightly percussive and fluid, delicately delivered, and tasty, like Henry Mancini meets Buck Owens. Very cool track.

Batwing dotdotdot
Fuzz Surf (Instrumental)

Brian Pool's characteristic writing style is evident in this rhythmic and chunky track, with a more edgie sound than their CD generally. The progression is pretty repetitious, but it has a certain draw to it. This is a kinder-gentler Torpedoes track, mid tempo, less assaultive, and quite enjoyable. The break is quite nice.

No Trace dotdotdot
Suave Surf (Instrumental)

Ringing guitar tone, melodic and sad melody lines, well balanced guitar parts. The sound is pleasing.

The Gunfighter dotdotdotdot
Machine Gun Surf (Instrumental)

More like the Torpedoes of old, this is fast machine gun attack instro fire. Notes fly off the ax at a blinding rate. The drums and bass do a fine job supporting the guitar with a smooth punk cowboy assault. Excellent rampaging track.

American Heartbreak dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

This progression based number is fast and fairly infectious, with a churning rhythm and a very suave vibrato break. More rhythm than song, it does capture your attention.

Big Sky dotdotdot
Desert (Instrumental)

Cowboys and agent provocateurs face off in the desert... The big sky overhead is an illusion, a mask on the face of danger. Rich guitar tone and fast fingers, with spaghetti elements and real twango.

Fishin' dotdotdotdot
Country Surf (Instrumental)

"Fishin'" used to be called "Fishin' With My Boy." It still has that easy country way about it, even more so now that it's more delicately delivered. Checkered scarves and tackle boxes tell the story.

Lickety-Split dotdotdot
Cowboy Getaway (Instrumental)

This spiffy number races along on horseback, escaping hordes of law men. Fast and accurate picking throughout this rhythmic chunkster.

Night Of The Hod Rods dotdotdot
Hot Rod Wreck (Instrumental)

Thick grindy punk stompin' rhythm based riffin' powerhouse. Brian Pool's way with chords and progressions allows him to pummel out a riff and dominate the stage. Quite big. The flying metal madman break is really cool.

Davenport dotdotdotdot
Acoustic Guitar (Instrumental)

Brian Pool's skills are applied to a solo acoustic guitar. The folk-like instro is very pleasing... very smooth and romantically delicate. It's a whole 'nother side of the man. Formerly called "Acoustic."