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The Toppers - 12 Top Tunes 99 cents S35 and S36dot
artworkAnother ruination of the day's hits by the Toppers.
Picks: Enchanted Sea, In The Mood

Track by Track Review

Enchanted Sea
Studio Rock (Instrumental)

All the cheese that permeated exotica exotica doesn't hold a candle to the awfulness of Toppers pretending to play "Enchanted Sea." Almost nothing of the seaworthiness of the tune remains. It's not even a dry dock version, but more like a day at the dump. It's just plain sad.

In The Mood
Studio Rock (Instrumental)

This rockin' Ernie Fields and his Orchestra orchestra hit has had all of the life sapped out of it. Take the image you have of the swingin' big bands, replace the musicians with high school music teachers, and then make them all closet librarians, and you might approach the level of swing in this track.