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artworkThe Toppers were a studio group that backed no-name talent on covers of the day's hits. These tracks sport made-up names like Gene Bates, Randy Allen, and Connie Seymore singing hits like "Three Bells," "Sea Of Love," "Poison Ivy," and "Put Your Head On My Shoulder." The sleeve says "Latest Hits by Great Hollywood Talent: IN TRUE HI-FI!" Nothing could be further from the truth. These are low quality recordings by low rent performers.
Picks: Sleep Walk, Red River Rock

Track by Track Review

Sleep Walk
Studio Rock (Instrumental)

Don'tcha just know how awful "Sleep Walk" can sound when played by musicians who's interest is for sale by the hour. Lackluster is perhaps the best word to describe the performance, and cheap to label the recording. I'm sure they played it at least once before rolling the tape. Makes you feel sorry fo Santo and Johnny.

Red River Rock
Studio Rock (Instrumental)

This reminds me of the sorta thing one used to hear passing the Sherman and Clay store on Saturday afternoon. Some guy in a shirt and tie sitting at the latest home model of Wurlitzer or Hammond approximating a chart hit in no particular time signature. He would be rocking back and forth, then side to side like Stevie Wonder did, only it seemed to have no relationship to the sounds he was making. The most identifiable characteristic of this playing style was the tendency to exaggerate volume changes for dramatic affect. makes my skin crawl. This is an insult to Johnny and the Hurricanes.