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The Tielman Brothers - Good For Golddotdotdot
artworkThis CD is chock full of rockin' tracks from one of the most revered of the pioneer indo-rock bands. These tracks mostly date from 1960 and '61. You can hear the future of surf music at times. I added a review of a recent live video performance of lead guitarist Andy Tielman because, like Dick Dale, he still rocks!
Picks: Black Eyes, 18th Century Rock, April In Paris, Live Medley

Track by Track Review

Black Eyes dotdotdot
Indo Rock Surf (Instrumental)

This is a slow and silky version of "Yevhen Hrebinka (Chorni Ochi)." Dribbled double picking, shimmering tremolo, and an easy flow. Midstream, The Tielman Brothers double the pace, and Andy Tielman muted his guitar for a near-surf charm. While not the most dynamic or surfable, it is very cool.

18th Century Rock dotdotdot
Indo Rock Surf (Instrumental)

Classical melodies are easy to play in rock instrumental settings, and this certainly does not argue with that theory. Two guitars compliment each other, one playing lovely muted, chamber reverbed patterns. This is just too cool!

April In Paris dotdotdot
Indo Rock Surf (Instrumental)

Charming tremolo chords and surf chords oppose each other from across the speakers to open "April In Paris." The lead is sometimes delicately double picked, and the rhythm rocks with chop chord edge. Great drums round out the fill.

A.A.A. dotdotdot
Indo Rock Surf (Instrumental)

"A.A.A." is a hand clap guitar boogie. An occasional chorus, and country boogie charm.

Live Medley dotdotdotdot
Indo Rock Surf (Instrumental)

While very murky, this live video footage shows Andy Tielman still rockin' on guitar. A number os songs are medleyed with great fire and flash. Excellent playing and showmanship. Andy must be in his seventies here. Holy cow!