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The Thundermen - Thunderbeat c/w Conjaguadotdotdot
artworkThe Thundermen hailed from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. They were active for quite a few years, and also appeared on other artists recordings as the backing band. Both sides of this 1963 single have been comped a few times. It's relatively obscure.
Picks: Thunderbeat, Conjagua

Track by Track Review

Thunderbeat dotdotdot
Midwest Surf Twango (Instrumental)

Midwest heavy vibrato twang with a twinge of surf. More or less the stuff of a riff rockin' jam, yet with enough angst and edge and ultra cool low-E vibrato to keep it from getting boring.

Conjagua dotdotdot
Surf Twang (Instrumental)

Throbbing vibrato and a garage primitivity that makes "Conjagua" attractive in an archival sense. Surf twang with an overused lick. I wish the sound was better.