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The Thrusters [Tampa] - Drop Indotdotdot
artworkThis CD from Tampa's Thrusters was issued in 2000. Three instros and a trashy version of "Breathless" deliver a short glimpse into this showy Florida band. The Thrusters are a trio, with a trio of go-go dancers called the Thrusterettes. This is not the Santa Cruz band, and their sound bares no relationship to them.
Picks: Let's Go Racing, Spanish House, Mai Tai

Track by Track Review

Let's Go Racing dotdotdot
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Heavy dark fuzz guitar mimics the racing engines. The tune, once engaged, is structured as a rockabilly riff rocker, but played like a heavy duty power trio. A cool tune for your next pit stop bar-bee.

Spanish House dotdotdot
Sub Surf (Instrumental)

Thick chords grind out an intro to a sub-surf melody line. This is powerful in a dark kinda way, and catchy in a minimalist way. Perhaps not in the surf groove despite a glissando or two, yet beachworthy and kinda cool. It throbs and weaves a dangerous island adventure.

Mai Tai dotdotdot
Tiki Bar (Instrumental)

A bit of shimmer, a touch of "What Ever Happened To Eddie," and a little splashiness... no, not trad, but perhaps the richest track here. "Mai Tai" sports the Thrusterette Ashlee belting out trampy shouts of "mai-tai." It's a little long, but surf worthy and quite fun.