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This Spy Surfs - To Russia With Surfdotdot
artworkThis release is much more band-like, with actual drums and bass, but it's still chemistry-free. All of the performances are very restrained. The music is much more mindless jazz noodling than any notion of surf of any flavor. I say never mind.
Picks: To Russia With Surf, D. D. In Space, 99's Midnite Ballet, Without A Care, It's Not Over, Surfers Rainbow, Monkshi, It's Out There, Slow Bondo, Meet Dorian, Stare Away

Track by Track Review

To Russia With Surf dotdotdot
Soft Surf (Instrumental)

"To Russia With Surf" is a soft number that's easy to listen to, but not really memorable. Sorta pretty, but without character or much chemistry.

D. D. In Space dotdotdot
Soft Surf (Instrumental)

"D. D. In Space" features very light weight double picking must mean that the DD in the title is supposed to be Dick Dale, though there's nothing here of his fire. The glissandos is delicate and without flair.

99's Midnite Ballet dotdotdot
Soft Surf (Instrumental)

This is a slow moving number with bongos and a definite late night tired feeling. Kinda pretty, but more suited for a backdrop than a front and center song.

Without A Care dotdotdot
Soft Surf (Instrumental)

"Without A Care" is fairly engaging than most here, but lacking chemistry, it fails to grab you despite a better pace and creative use of a bell. Still, it verges on fun.

It's Not Over dotdotdot
Soft Surf (Instrumental)

A single note riff precedes an energy free glissando as "It's Not Over" gets underway. This very light weight number verges on cool in a number of places, and would be served very well with some genuine band chemistry.

Surfers Rainbow dotdotdot
Soft Surf (Instrumental)

Like smooth jazz a la Mancini, "Surfers Rainbow" portrays a soft after-midnight vision. Sleepy eyes in a smoky bar with only nodding drunks left to hear. Pretty, and very effective visually.

Monkshi dotdot
Soft Surf (Instrumental)

"Monkshi" is very jazzy and easy, with the sort of ideas that late fifties/early fifties jazz guitarists sometimes employed. Relatively faceless.

It's Out There dot
Soft Surf (Instrumental)

"It's Out There" just seems very calculated, with a stilted melody line and slow pace. I couldn't get interested at all.

Slow Bondo dotdot
Soft Surf (Instrumental)

Slightly dissonant, "Slow Bondo" has a tiny bit of tension that's quickly relieved. very slow and deliberate.

Meet Dorian dotdot
Soft Surf (Instrumental)

Whoa - two guitars. Like a lot of the do-nothing tracks that Johnny Smith cut for Roost in the fifties, "Meet Dorian" just never gets going or develops a personality.

Stare Away dotdot
Soft Surf (Instrumental)

Boy does this move slowly. It has a sad late night feel to it, with a blue-jazz underbelly. Remarkably forgettable.