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The 31 Flavors - Hair (extended)dotdotdot
artworkThis is an alternate issue of the Hair with more and different tracks. Issued under the same catalog number with no outward differences aside from the track list. Some interesting psych moments, and some really dismissible mung.
Picks: Real Far Out, Free Fuzz, Free Fuzz [Edit], Distortions of Darkness, Kimea

Track by Track Review

Real Far Out dotdotdot
Psych (Instrumental)

Yeah baby, this is real far out... well almost. It's a loud and obnoxious blues jam in a we really want to be Blue Cheer way. No melody, just a few riffs, and lots of mindless blues progressions in extreme distortion and ugly tone. All that said, it could have been Blue Cheer at two in the morning at The Fillmore.

Tune Out Of Place dotdot
Psych (Instrumental)

This track wants to be a CTI jazz recording really badly. That guitar and organ sound with delicate bass and drums. There's liquid track reverb that appears at the beginning. "Tune Out Of Place" is mostly personality free.

Free Fuzz dotdotdot
Psych (Instrumental)

"Free Fuzz" is an extract and extension of "Free Fuzz Gypsy Fire" from The Firebirds "Light My Fire" album. Clockwork dry chops and wannabe Blue Cheer guitar drive this seemingly long jam. "Free Fuzz Gypsy Fire" does not escape the jam, though it has a fairly appropriate ballroom sound for 1968. A long bass solo separates the front from the back.

Free Fuzz [Edit] dotdotdot
Psych (Instrumental)

This edit of "Free Fuzz" is a further extract of "Free Fuzz Gypsy Fire" from The Firebirds "Light My Fire" album. Wannabe Blue Cheer guitar drives the jam. Ballroom sound 1968 with long dirty guitar sustain and feedback.

Distortions of Darkness dotdotdot
Psych (Instrumental)

Dirty filthy tone, long ugly feedback, and we really REALLY wannabe Blue Cheer. Imitation aside, this is about as dirty as it gets! Minimalist, two chord throb!

Kimea dotdotdotdot
Psych (Instrumental)

Nearly classical piano portrays an autumn feeling as slightly sitar-ish guitar plays an exotic melody over an H. P. Lovecraft rhythm section right out of "White Ship." Derivative or not, "Kimea" is a soothing and sensual track with a captivating sound and easy emotional hook. More than meditative, but remarkably calming.

What Else dot
Jazz Psych (Instrumental)

This is a fairly unremarkable track in a fake jazz psych mold that only lived in studios. A riff and a console organ. Nothing to write home about.