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The Thingz - Las Cosas Del Nortedotdotdot
artworkLong Beach's The Thingz do a very fun derivative of cowboy rock. Upbeat, raw edged, and quite fun. This 4 song ep contains a cool instro that's raw and surf and cowboy. Quite fun!
Picks: Canned Beer

Track by Track Review

Canned Beer dotdotdot
Surf Garage (Instrumental)

Tremolo throbbing, a classic riff progression, and a stomp beat. Raw glissandos, and a rockin' cowboy sound make this simple progression number edgy and cool. The break is developed around muted chop chords and jammin' riffs like a cowboy Yardbirds rave up. "Canned Beer" is a primal and honest garage rock rage.