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Tempest - Surfing To Meccadotdotdot
artworkMostly Irish-based music here, and the surf connection is mostly in the title of this release 1994 CD release, which may be a reissue. Tempest may have been from Portland or Oakland - the label is from Portland, Oregon the album was recorded there, but the group's contact is Oakland, California. You'll notice the band's obvious surf image. Don't let it deter you. The Irish folk songs are good - perhaps a little below the Fairport Convention - Fatheringay caliber, but nonetheless cool. But it's the amazing title track that will rock your world!
Picks: Top Of The Hill, Surfing To Mecca

Track by Track Review

Top Of The Hill dotdotdot
Irish Folk (Instrumental)

This is a pleasant Irish folk instro, though it lacks a distinct melody, being mostly a progression of the sort might back a vocal track. Pretty and friendly, but unremarkable.

Surfing To Mecca dotdotdotdotdot
Middle Eastern Irish Folk Surf (Instrumental)

Glissandoes are intermixed with surf rhythm and middle eastern melody scales laid on an Irish fiddle instro structure. "Surfing To Mecca" is a very interesting track, with a unique blend of influences and styles. At times, it's a little too circular, but it always calls to the surf from a totally unique point of view. Very creative and original.