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Tele Ranch - Kind Of Twangdotdotdotdot
artworkThey call it Twestern Music. I call it Twangzilla. Tele Ranch is a Steve Barker project that's just too cool. Country edged jazz tunes with a big grin. Barker's also in front of Steve Barker and the Ditherie Dudes.
Picks: Prairie Dog's Revenge, Roly Poly, Adam's Apple, Maiden Voyage, All Blues, Well You Needn't, Cajun, Nalma, Blue Monk

Track by Track Review

Prairie Dog's Revenge dotdotdotdotdot
Country Rock (Instrumental)

What a cool track. Polka pumpin' rhythm, tremolo guitar throb, and a great big grin characterize this spaghetti western adventure. It doesn't get more fun than this. Wonderful percussion, splendid energy, lush sound, and a simply pleasurable country edge. Great with the top down on 101 headin' towards your secret spot.

Roly Poly dotdotdot
Country Rock (Instrumental)

This is a marvelously twangy version of "Roly Poly," written by the late Fred Rose (wrote for Hank Williams, Gene Autry, Roy Acuff, and Bob Wills among others). Country funnin' and simple pleasures abound. Licks from "Shortnin' Bread," "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town," and others are intertwined. Real twangy steel-like whammy.

Adam's Apple dotdotdot
Country Rock (Instrumental)

There's something seductive about "Adam's Apple" that may lie in the contrast between the tremolo's throb and shimmer, and the easy country rhythm. This is a very cool track.

Maiden Voyage dotdotdotdotdot
Country Rock (Instrumental)

What an amazing track! Herbie Hanckock's easy "Maiden Voyage" is a completely new experience in tremolo and brilliant percussion. The smooth bass is essential to the flow, though it's perfectly out of the way. Big guitar and long echoed delay. Way cool!

All Blues dotdotdot
Country Rock (Instrumental)

Just what you might expect, only jazzier and smoother. It's not a blues per say, but rather Miles Davis' tune turned inside out to rake on the guitar.

Well You Needn't dotdotdotdot
Country Rock (Instrumental)

Thelonious Monk's "Well You Needn't" might seem like an odd vehicle for electric guitar with a country edge, but it's really quite a comfortable fit. Licks flutter about like laughing water. Very fun.

Cajun dotdotdotdot
Country Rock (Instrumental)

Great drums, twangin' fun, and moody bass run amok with a grin in this splendid cover of Roy Buchanan's playful "Cajun." This is just too fun!

Nalma dotdotdotdot
Country Rock (Instrumental)

Exotic and lush, island mysterious in a kind of Martin Denny way. John Coltrane's "Nalma" floats and relazes in an island evening breeze. Midstream, it goes more percussive and gets a little Carlos Santana-ish. Quite nice.

Blue Monk dotdotdot
Country Rock (Instrumental)

Easy moving twangin' Thelonious Monk! That about says it. Grin in tact, dude ranch country, and long leaning guitar lines.