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Tommy Tedesco - Twangin' Twelve Great Hitsdotdot
artworkThis is a very tame release. Its formula studio session sound is mostly lacking in the basic chemistry and edge of rock'n'roll. Tommy Tedesco played on hundreds of sessions. This album released under his own name does not do him justice.
Picks: Exodus

Track by Track Review

Moonglow dot
Instrumental (Instrumental)

The classic "Moonglow" is done - well - really cheesily. It sounds for all the world like the fake rock it is. Completely dismissible.

Exodus dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Tommy Tedesco's guitar trembles with pulsing tremolo while the piano dribbles beautifully. This is a gentle track, and is just superb. This film score is very flexible, as attested to by the many versions around.

Sweet Georgia Brown dotdot
Instrumental (Instrumental)

This is the sort of thing that appeared in movies and TV shows when they wanted you to think rock'n'roll. It never worked, of course, because the chemistry and reality grit was missing.

Begin The Beguine dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

"Begin The Beguine" is a light weight commercial rock cover of this standard. While exceptionally well played, the thing guitar sound and crisp audio saps energy. Hal Blaine's drums rock.

Golden Earrings dotdot
Instrumental (Instrumental)

The sultry "Golden Earrings" is cool in tremolo guitar, but the horns give it a middle of the road feel. Nice guitar work for sure, but an adult sound.

Heartaches dotdot
Instrumental (Instrumental)

The pop hit "Heartaches" is done with little more edge than the original. Mostly horn led, and Tommy Tedesco's guitar is really thin and gutless.

Red Sails In The Sunset dotdot
Instrumental (Instrumental)

A very cool beat from Hal Blaine doesn't save the cheap horns. "Red Sails In The Sunset" displays an interesting arranging idea that's held down by a shallow execution.

Tea For Two dotdot
Instrumental (Instrumental)

This classic song doesn't seem to go anywhere at all. It's so mediocre that you almost don't perceive the melody. There is some really fast picking from Tommy Tedesco at times. Hal Blaine's drums are cool.

Blue Tango dotdot
Instrumental (Instrumental)

Cool tremolo guitar shimmers as it delivers the melody. The horn section gently honks and the rhythm section sways from their rockers, but in the end, "Blue Tango" is just so-so.

Whispering dotdot
Instrumental (Instrumental)

Like a wanna be big band, the musicians play "Whispering" as if they were a couple of decades earlier. Ultimately, only the drums, and occasional sax lines merit attention.

Frenesi dotdot
Instrumental (Instrumental)

Bordering on credible, Tommy Tedesco's guitar and Hal Blaine's drums carry this off. The horns are kind of annoying mostly, except for the sax lead section.

Rebel Rouser dotdotdot
Instrumental (Instrumental)

Aping Duane Eddy's hit, Tommy Tedesco uses tremolo and lower registers to ease in on guts, but overall, "Rebel Rouser" is pretty tame.