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The Tarantulas - Monster Wave... 100 Feet Highdotdotdotdot
artworkThis debut effort is very cool. Randy J - guitar, Ken Baugh (Ten Penny Heroes), and Chris Valentino - drums have come together with excellent chemistry and original sounds. Their primary basis is spaghetti western, but there's a lot of surf influence here as well.
Picks: Barney Rumble, Bullrushes, '78 Honda, Lonerider, Black Diamond, Mojave Surfrider, Sun Valley Serenade, Dual Flying Kings, Amazon-Legged Woman, Ride To Tucumcari, Tucumcari, A Fistful Of Dollars (Overture)

Track by Track Review

Barney Rumble dotdotdot
Western Surf (Instrumental)

This is a tasty crunchy surf progressional track, with fine whammy and solid reverb. Vibrato lead work and low-E rumble, with glissandoes and a Fall at the beach feel. Nice track.

Bullrushes dotdotdot
Western Surf (Instrumental)

"Surf Beat " sorta crunch, mid tempo double picked moody leads, and vibrato chords swimming beneath. Chunky and satisfying.

'78 Honda dotdotdot
Western Surf (Instrumental)

Chorded car song ethics, relentless drive, and very little melody. By the time they get past the long intro, they break into a tasty riff. It works well, like an early Surf Report tune.

Lonerider dotdotdotdot
Western Surf (Instrumental)

Excellent Spanish spaghetti western chords, shiny vibrato lead work, cowboy beat... a fine track indeed. It's infectious and rhythmic, shimmering and playful. Dig it!

Black Diamond dotdotdotdot
Western Surf (Instrumental)

Rhythmic and enticing, "Black Diamond" shimmers with vibrato and dribbling double picking. Gentle and rainy day pretty, but with flair and energy. Excellent track.

Mojave Surfrider dotdotdotdot
Western Surf (Instrumental)

Desert surf punkabilly reverb smooth... those adjectives may sound like juxtaposed incongruities, but the describe the elements that are morphed and blended to create this song. While not very melodic, it is very engaging and charming, with power and crunch without relying on volume and speed.

Sun Valley Serenade dotdotdotdot
Western Surf (Instrumental)

An exercise in precise picking and intricate western imagery, with the kind of suave riffs that only bands from the Southwest seem to develop. Very enjoyable, and quite picturesque in the break.

Dual Flying Kings dotdotdotdot
Western Surf (Instrumental)

Ultra twang, shimmering tone, a post Duane Eddy feel, and a sub Insect Surfer structure. Western surf with a sense of charm and style.

Amazon-Legged Woman dotdotdot
Western Surf (Instrumental)

Real twang meets surf playfulness, while the chops display a sense of engrossed pluckery. The melody structure is not surf, but the warm tone sure is. Quite nice.

Ride To Tucumcari dotdotdot
Western Surf (Instrumental)

This reminds me somewhat of Death Valley, with that kind of charm and vibrato spaghetti cactus coolness as viewed from a Pullman.

Tucumcari dotdotdotdot
Western Surf (Instrumental)

Great slow damped reverbed chords, dramatic smooth flow, shimmering vibrato, artful guitar lines, and a relaxed open air feel. Very nice track.

A Fistful Of Dollars (Overture) dotdotdotdot
Western Surf (Instrumental)

Enio Morricone's spaghetti western theme, played out with all the pasta sauce available. Eerie and deluxe, this is simply endearing and smooth. Even the faster parts drip suave and rhythmic engagement. Excellent.