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The Tandems - The Rising Surf c/w Beyond The Surf (Unreleased Gold Star Acetate)dotdotdotdot
artworkThis is one of the grand mysteries of surf. Al Hazan wrote these two sides and recorded this demo in late 1962. The working name for the band was The Tandems. Never released, The Rising Surf c/w Beyond The Surf was shopped around to, among others, Dick Dale. So the story goes, after Dick's manager had the tape for a month or so, he told Hazan that Dick was not interested in the songs. Then, a few months later, Dale released "The Wedge," and that was just a rearrangement of "The Rising Surf." But wait, there's more... "The Rising Surf" was based on the break in a 1954 recording Hazan made with The Bell Sisters called "The Dance Of Love." Read on, McDuff!
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