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Santiago Tamura - in Charlie Chan and Private Eyedotdotdot
artworkThis is an interesting cassette from Japan's Santiago Tamura. Interesting musically, and because he provides detailed track by track information, much like the reviews on Reverb Central. His comments are included.

Santiago Tamura: "Comments: my recordings: I recorded many tapes (15) have so many styles (acoustic swing jazz, 50’s rock, Tex-Mex accordions, Japanese language original songs, 20’s Emmet Miller or Ukulele Ike style songs, doo-wops and many many more.).

About this tape: from my tapes, i selected... instrumentals featuring electric guitar and basically have rock style. This tape is mainly recorded in 1993, in my home. Originally 'Charlie Chan and Private Eye' included 8 tunes. (1 to 4, and 8 to 11) added tunes (5,6,7,12,13,14) is from another tapes. All tunes arranged and instruments played by myself except: 'Batman Ska,' '0011 Napoleon Solo,' 'I.E. Rai Shang,' 'Manila' (computer drums by Jean Bous Sekine) and 'Stingley' (vocal and guitar, double bass, drums by Ska-billy Boys). Recording engineer and art work is me.

My most interest is mixing many kind of music. Rock, jazz, ska, laren, Asian sound and more. Also please visit my web site. Not having english page, Japanese only, but go music and click ! You can hear sound samples. Thanks for your kindness.
Picks: Batman Theme, 0011 Napoleon Solo, Drums A Go-Go, Stingray, Move It!, Bulldog Stomp, Koujo No Tuki, I.E. Rai Shang, Quel Temps Fait-Il A Paris?, Zazie Dans Le Metro, El Toro - Spanish Eyes, Wild Bill Jones, Honey Hush

Track by Track Review

Batman Theme dotdotdot
TV Theme (Instrumental)

This is a thick and sludgy treatment of the theme to the Batman television series, written by Neil Hefti. Inserted dialog and tweaky organ effects add to the illusion. The guitar can be very modern at times, and the dry-chop rhythm effective.

Santiago Tamura: It is the theme from old television feature Batman in 1960’s. 1 arranged different rhythm style influenced Jamaican ska. -electric guitar, electric bass, sampling keyboard, computer drums.

0011 Napoleon Solo dotdotdot
Spy (Instrumental)

This is a creative merger between the film themes from James Bond and the Man From Uncle. Very thick and swirly, this is truly a unique arrangement.

Santiago Tamura: Also theme from 60’s tv feature Man From the Uncle. I mixed 007 theme and bumbling surf guitar. -same instruments with 1.

Drums A Go-Go dotdotdot
Go-Go (Instrumental)

The Hollywood Persuaders' "Drums A Go-Go" gets the thick and gruesome treatment. In an almost industrial setting, this takes on a more foreboding and dangerous air. It's hard to distinguish the guitar from the organ as the drums pound in huge reverb, accompanied by bongos.

Santiago Tamura: From lp titled “Crime Theme” (?) And it is the cover version with not special elements. -guitar and sampling keyboard.

Stingray dotdotdot
Spy (Vocal)

This strange vocal is the theme from a British (?) spy show. It's very thick and murky, and almost frantic as disparate elements mix. The (London) Tornados issued a single of this.

Santiago Tamura: "Stingley" is from another 60’s tv. Arrangement based on rock-a-billy and ska. -with band. (double bass, drums, guitar) overdubbed sampling keyboard.

Move It! dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Dissonant guitar evolves into surf guitar as "Move It!" develops. It's not the Chantays' tune, but is more of a Ventures-like melody with more liquid jamming. Lots of guitar trickery and flash, as well as a nasty sax. Quite unusual.

Santiago Tamura: This is my original instrumental, and from my tape named "turn up your radio!”. “turn up -“ is conceived 1954 ~ 57 texas rock 'n' roll radio show fake, each runes is cover and original, and i acted dj, commercials, singers and bands. Recorded monaural. I named bands (not existed) each tunes played. “move it!” Is played by “bumble jack emmerson and v-8s” in 1957 ! -electric and acoustic guitars, tenor sax, electric bass, electric drums.

Bulldog Stomp dotdot
Forties (Instrumental)

Talk about crossing into different territory, "Bulldog Stomp" is amped into the style of the forties, with fifties sax and raunch.

Santiago Tamura: Another from “turn up your radio !“ This is 40’s honking r&b sax parody sample. -same as 5

Koujo No Tuki dotdot
Industrial Prom (Instrumental)

Soft and nearly orchestral, yet thick and almost circus like. Suave sax and a sort of industrial prom effect.

Santiago Tamura: This is a sample of my arrangement of classic japanese songs. From my tape “rumbo de japon “(vol. 1 3). This tapes is my best album reviewed by critics in early 90’s. Some instrumentals like this is included but mainly a japanese language songs. I mixed ska, rock, rumba, tex-mex, jazz cajun etc. Sound combined japanese classic and pop songs or created new songs in japanese. -acoustic and electric guitar, accordion, sax, clarinet, ukulele, electric bass and rhythm electric drums

I.E. Rai Shang dotdot
Lounge (Instrumental)

Into easy jazz this time, with jazz guitar and vibes, and soft horns. Very fifties lounge.

Santiago Tamura: This is also a classic song in japan and china. Originally recorded in 30’s by ri-kouran. (yoshiko yamaguchi). I arranged and mixed based tango rhythm with jazzy sax instrumental -sax, sampling keyboard

Quel Temps Fait-Il A Paris? dotdot
Sidewalk Cafe (Instrumental)

Percussion machine and accordion over bass thump. It's a sidewalk cafe sort of thing, and quite strange.

Santiago Tamura: This is a european classic jazz in 1953 by alan romans featured jacques tati's movie “les vacance de mr. Hulor”. No special arrangement, it’s a original style cover. -electric guitar, sax, sampling keyboard.

Zazie Dans Le Metro dotdotdot
Lounge (Instrumental)

"Zazie Dans Le Metro" is soft and loungy, with a fine melody and lush softness.

Santiago Tamura: Another tune from classic french movie, written by fiorenzo carpi. Original is only whistling and guitar, but i arranged and combined elements of many kind of music. -electric guitar, electric bass, sax, accordion, sampling keyboard.

El Toro - Spanish Eyes dotdotdotdot
Surf Exotica (Instrumental)

You can't imagine how strange it is to transition from Link Wray's big guitar epic "El Toro," played in an intentionally dissonant style, to the accordion sidewalk cafe "Spanish Eyes." As the sax verse of "El Toro" drifts into "Spanish Eyes," it seems natural to go from smoky bar to open air leisure. But, when all is said and done, the track moves back to a fine rendering of "El Toro." Very strange and very cool.

Santiago Tamura: From Blue Spanish Eyes. Electric guitar and accordion work sample. El toro is written by link wray. This from my tape “draw!!” -mixture of many kind of music combined western movie theme and country music. -electric guirar, sax, accordion, elecrric bass, electric drums.

Wild Bill Jones dotdotdot
Cowboy (Vocal)

Slide guitar and grungy cowboy vocals... like a disturbed ride along the Oregon Trail.

Santiago Tamura: Another from “Draw!!”. Probably, it’s a old mountain ballad, only i listened bluegrass (stanley brothers version). I arranged mixed with bottle neck slide guitar of blues style, austrian aboligini’s drawn sound by sax, and shamisen (japanese folk stringed instrument) style ukulele playing. -electric and acoustic guitar, sax, electric bass, ukulele, electric drums

Honey Hush dotdot
Rock (Vocal)

Mondo bizarre lounge treatment of "Honey Hush." So strange, it catches you off guard.

Santiago Tamura: Last number is my vocal example in big joe turner’s r&b style. I started vocal career in bluegrass band, but i like many styles and mainly i thought me a ballad singer ! (i have approximately, 3 octave voice, so my favorite is roy orbison !)