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Terauchi Takeshi and the Bunnys - The Birth Of Bunnysdotdotdot
artworkMany good tracks on this vintage release. This album was reissued as Let's Go Classics.
Picks: Terry's Theme, Black Carnation, Burn, The Shout Of The Sun, Dream in Ocean, Test Driver, The Go-Between Of The Rainbow, The Flying Guitar, Lonely Boy, Hey! Chance, I Believe

Track by Track Review

Terry's Theme dotdotdot
Eleki (Instrumental)

"Terry's Theme" is a semi fuzzy piece with a Ventures' go-go sound and a melody that's a lot like an Elvis Costello song, but of course it predates him by 25+ years. melodic and twangy. Recorded December 1966.

It Is Sworn Not To Come Back dotdot
Eleki (Instrumental)

While this is twangy and has an interesting melody, the organ is overbearing at times, and it just doesn't grab me at all.

Black Carnation dotdotdot
Eleki (Instrumental)

On the thick side, with warble and a pre-psychedelic edge, "Black Carnation" is very Ventures-esq, and sports a cool melody line with only a hint of Japan. The guitar is echoed, and the organ swirls in a warbly circle. It's an endearing track.

Burn dotdotdot
Eleki (Instrumental)

You can here go-go creeping up on psychedelic as"Burn" unfolds. The occasional whammy chords also look backward to the band's surf-eleki roots. This is a nice track that actually reminds me some of Beautiful Spring.

The Shout Of The Sun dotdotdotdot
Eleki (Instrumental)

A pre funk bass line and console organ draped in tremolo play a moody melody that's bent and warped at times. The very interesting use of whammy and tonality create an Asian mystical image. A very cool track, even when the flute arrives.

Dream in Ocean dotdotdotdot
Eleki (Instrumental)

"Dream in Ocean" uses duel guitars that play off each other when not mirroring, and organ. The influence of traditional Japanese melody and note ideas, along with muted guitar and console organ, create a very engaging sound.

Test Driver dotdotdot
Eleki (Instrumental)

Great drums open this semi-psychedelic song. "Test Driver" is riff dominated, accented with near zero whammy dips and thick textures. An interesting track.

The Go-Between Of The Rainbow dotdotdotdot
Eleki (Instrumental)

This slow piece has a sad melody, and the tortured way string bending is used seems to make the organ mourn. "The Go-Between Of The Rainbow" reminds me a lot of China's Beautiful Spring.

The Flying Guitar dotdotdotdot
Eleki (Instrumental)

Double picked heavily echoed shallow fuzz guitar, whirling mall organ, a "Bumble Bee" feel, and hint of the Beacon Street Union's "The Clown Died In Marvin Gardens," all add up to a mid sixties light psych surf hybrid. Most unusual!

Lonely Boy dotdotdot
Eleki (Instrumental)

Tremolo is used as dementia, while the chords suggest an island paradise and the vibes duet with flute to deliver the melody. This is an easy track, with a gentle flow. Very pretty.

Hey! Chance dotdotdot
Eleki (Instrumental)

"Hey Chance" is a tortured song that's strained through a heavy tormented warble. Jammy, and on the early Hollywood psych side of the aisle, it's also endearing in a strange way.

I Believe dotdotdot
Eleki (Instrumental)

The fifties pomp 'n' drama epic "I Believe" is arranged for electric and acoustic guitar, with more edge than romance, yet a classical Spanish feel. Very unusual arrangement!