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The T-Bones - Boss Drag At The Beachdotdotdot
artworkThis is the follow-up to their Boss Drag LP in the same vein. It was issued with a couple of different covers.
Picks: Haulin' Henry, Pearlin', White Water Wipe-Out, Hot Rod U.S.A., Chopped Deuce, Competition Coupe, Takin' Gas, Five Over, High Boy Hauler, Boss Woody, Bucket Seat Beauty, Thunder Road

Track by Track Review

Haulin' Henry dotdotdot
Studio Hot Rod (Instrumental)

The piano intro is right outta the Zombies' "She's Not There." the riffy fuzz guitar is at odds with the soulfulness of the piano. Overall, a decent track, just not memorable aside from the piano.

Pearlin' dotdotdot
Studio Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Slow vibrato guitar oozing out a very nicely written melody line. The MOR organ is a downer, but otherwise, this is a nice romantic walk on the beach tune.

White Water Wipe-Out dotdotdot
Studio Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Hot rod sounds and pretty cool riff, but just not a lot of development or chemistry. Coulda been a great track.

Hot Rod U.S.A. dotdotdot
Studio Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Structured like many a Beach Boys song strained through Petula Clark's "Down Town," this seems much too derivative and poppy.

Chopped Deuce dotdotdot
Studio Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Another very derivative track with no individuality. The arrangement is kinda faceless.

Competition Coupe dotdotdot
Studio Hot Rod (Instrumental)

The Astronauts' "Competition Coupe" works surprising well in this format, despite the general lack of chemistry and weak guitar. Not bad.

Takin' Gas dotdotdot
Studio Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Rhythm dominated mall organ fluff destined for a classic sixties discotheque as the lads play a variation on "Three Blind Mice."

Five Over dot
Studio Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Squishy organ, corner bar imagery, and mall sounds. Not exactly a barn-burner.

High Boy Hauler dotdot
Studio Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Engines fire up, and then the band rips into a cool rhythm, which sadly becomes a kinda Henry Mancini inspired thing.

Boss Woody dotdot
Studio Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Kinda tweaky, with string ending to create a hayseed image over a jerky backtrack. Not particularly cool.

Bucket Seat Beauty dot
Studio Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Inspired by "Green Onions," this is pretty jammy.

Thunder Road dot
Studio Hot Rod (Instrumental)

This is not Robert Mitchum's "Thunder Road," but rather is derived from "Surfin' U.S.A." Kinda boring.