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The T-Bones - Boss Dragdotdotdot
artworkFormula instros from successful creators/arrangers Dave Pell and Joe Saraceno, also responsible for the Mar-Kets. Cheesy mall organ and chemistry free repetitive tracks often mar the experience, but there are a few interesting moments. One these sessions are Dave Pell, Steve Douglas, Ervan Coleman, Tommy Tedesco, Glen Campbell, Leon Russell, Lyle Ritz, Ray Pohlman, Plas Johnson, Hal Blaine, Perry Botkin, and Frank Capp. All that may sound negative, yet there's something endearing about the way these kinds of recordings were made, and though I don't want to like them, I often do.
Picks: Rail Vette, Little Deuce Coupe, Big Daddy Stocker, Torque Rod, Drag City, Scorchin', Draggin', Shut Down, Boss Drag, Revvin' Buggy, Hey, Little Cobra, Six Banger

Track by Track Review

Rail Vette dotdotdot
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

The T-Bones launch right into the pits with revving engines and a repetitive twang-fuzz riff with sax growls. Not melodic at all, and rather simple... an archetype for the studio instro.

Little Deuce Coupe dotdot
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Instrumentally rendering the Beach Boys' "Little Deuce Coupe" may not be such a good idea. Kinda cheesy.

Big Daddy Stocker dotdotdot
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

In deference to Ed Roth, this has cool percussion and herky-jerky sax leads, and cool glissandoes too. It's the kind of concoction that I wanna hate, but that is quite inventive and endearing. The growly sax break is pretty dirty.

Torque Rod dotdotdotdot
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Rev that 289 boy, cuz' here come the 327's. Glissandoes, Hal Blaine's drums, a decent melody riff, lots of show band changes, and considerable edge cohabitate in this track. I can't help like it.

Drag City dotdot
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Jan and Dean's "Drag City" is slushed up, even adding cheap organ riffs. Can't get behind this one, despite Hal Blaine.

Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Nope, this fifties stilted track just doesn't grab center stage. Perhaps it defines "filler."

Draggin' dot
Studio Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Aside from the cutesy TV ad theme based "No Matter What Shape (your stomache is in)" antacid commercial and the trendy "Percolator" coffee pot commercial, this studio amalgam never did anything worth a hoot, and this proves it.

Shut Down dotdotdot
Studio Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Except for Hal Blaine's fine drums, Beach Boys' "Shut Down" rips a new path across the lawn, leaving only crab grass in its wake. Actually, it's much better than that, but doesn't really rise to the great track level. Steve Douglas' honkin' squirtin' sax is way cool.

Boss Drag dotdotdot
Studio Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Kinda cool, maybe even a little saucy, "Boss Drag" rocks and laughs, and make the cut. Mot at all fluid, yet fine for a top down drive, especially Steve Douglas' sax and Hal Blaine's drums.

Revvin' Buggy dotdotdot
Studio Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Arranged a little like the Piltdown Men, "Revvin' Buggy" is a kinda R&B based sax instro with just enough edge to keep your attention. Some nice guitar work, and great sax too.

Hey, Little Cobra dotdotdot
Studio Hot Rod (Instrumental)

The organ cheeses Rip Chords' "Hey, Little Cobra" out too much. Not very interesting.

Six Banger dotdotdot
Studio Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Another track featuring the organ prominently, which detracts from what seems like a potentially cool Mexican flavored sax and guitar line.