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Gabor Szabo and the California Dreamers - Wind, Sky And Diamonds
artworkGabor Szabo was a jazz guitarist that played in San Francisco a lot in the mid-to-late sixties. He influenced a lot of well know psych guitarists, most notably Carlos Santana, who covered his "Gypsy Queen." That alone doesn't get him reviewed, but if you listen to some of his work, you can hear the birth of The Mermen. This album, however, is total trash. This label, CTI, had the knack of converting credible jazz artists into pallid commercial pap. Avoid at all risk.
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White Rabbit dot
Jazz (Instrumental)

With a bit of Indian sitar effects, and Gabor Szabo's signature guitar sound, Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" unfolds in a beautiful soundscape - that is until The California Dreamers come in with their 'na-na' chorus nonsense. Almost.